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Cannot Print PDF on 5JSi/MX

I am unable to print PDF files on my HP 5JSi/MX  printer. This printer is connected over network.
In urgent need of answer.

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1 Solution
Does everything else print?  If PDF is the only thing which wont print, i'd suggest its the PDF viewer thats not printing.  Make sure you have a printer selected in the program (Adobe Acrobat?) and that the printer is set as default (if its the default printer, that is)
Is this printer POSTSCRIPT??
Try disabling this option if it is.
I've never heard of an HP LaserJet 5JSi/MX.  I couldn't find it on the HP site, either.  Is this related to an HP5Si?  If so, there should be absolutely no reason for it not printing - at least, not from the printer's standpoint.  If you can print a test page from your computer, you should be able to print from any application.  Any app that's functioning correctly, anyways.  The 5Si shouldn't have any problems switching to and from Postcript and PCL.  I'd say that the problem is related to your Acrobat reader.

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Is it just this *one* .pdf file that will not print, or is it all .pdf files that you are having problems printing?

Are you able to print to that printer at all?

I'm sure this printer is a network printer, what kind of network are you on?

.PDF files are pretty much all graphics, and when printed the print-file sizes can get quite large.

My first thought is that the printer does not have enough memory to be able to process the print job, and it is getting an ERROR 20, or ERROR 21.  Or your printer, or print queue is timing out.

Does the printer *act* like it is going to print the print job, then act like it "seems to loose interest" and abort the print job without giving an error message?

Does the printer give you an error message?

Does your computer act like it is trying to print the print job?

Are you receiveing any error messages anywhere?

Try decreasing your print quality and see if it will print.
If your using Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 upgrade it to 3.01.
Are you interested in troubleshooting this issue & resolving this situation, or did you allready solve your problem?

brijuAuthor Commented:
I can print all other file formats except PDF files. I am over window and netware networks ( i mean i am in a workgroup). It does not give error while printer, instead it prints all characters.
The printer is 5Si/Mx.

Have you tried dropping the printer resolution?
What exactly do you mean by "it prints all characters"?
What program are you trying to print from?
If you are trying to print from Adobe running inside Internet Explorer...and you try to use the Internet Explorer print button all you get is strange characters. You must use the print button in Adobe.

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