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I've downloaded  files that are arj compressed -- file.arj, file.a01, file.a02, file.a03 etc.  What is the best way to decompress them? Currently I'm using the following Dos syntax:
arj e file.a*

I'm running into problems since one of them file.a88 doesn't get decompressed and I get an error message about a corrupt CRC header. Basically my question is, is there a "natural" order for decompressing arj files?

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thedarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For .a* files, use the format...

ARJ x -v firstfileinsequence.arj and it'll progress on its own.

If you continue to get errors, the ARJ #88 is bad and needs to be redownloaded.

Bad files are *very* common in the illicit software industry, which is probably the only place you'll ever see .A(x)(x) files.

Also make sure you scan such illicit files.  Use McAfee Virus Shield at all times.
anonyAuthor Commented:
Here's the problem:
I have files named as file.a01,file.a02,......,file.a17.

How do I know which file to decompress first -- that is, where does "file.arj" fall in the sequence?

file.arj is the first file in the sequence.  Go to DOS and in the directory you have file.arj in, type this:

ARJ x -v file.arj c:\directory-you-want-files-in

This will automatically undo all the a01 and a02's etc files as well.
anonyAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot -- it worked fine.

Glad to help.
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