I am planing to upgrade the RAM memory on my PC from 16 MB to 32 MB. I need a pair of 4MBx32 EDO. I have one 4MBx32 EDO  made by PNY and another one made by Kinsley. I was wondering if I can use these two as a pair or I have to use two modules made by a single manufacture.
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Are they bothe the same speed?
Try it!

Straight answer : you can buy any 2 , like, 72 pin, edo SIMMS and it will work.

if your motherboard has an INTEL chipset, and it is a pentium, then it has a 32 bit memory bus and accesses the 72 pin SIMMS 2 at a time. I wouldn't count on a mismatched pair working (although it can), but 2 different pairs can and will work just fine. Some motherboards (chipsets) have problems when mixing EDO and non-EDO ram, but since you already have EDO ram, this shouldn't be a problem.
Let me know if you need anything else


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Based on the information that was provided in the question, how in the world do you infer that bd2000 has an Intel chipset?  Or a Pentium?
Wouldn't it be simpler to gather the info necessary to make an informed answer than to spend time needlessly guessing at one?

bd2000Author Commented:
jlove1 and rmarotta:
Thank you for your response. I tried it and it worked.
Glad you got it going even though the "answer" you accepted didn't help.

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