backing up from NT to UNIX

We have an NT machine which does not have a DAT drive.
I know if it were a UNIX machine I could backup to another UNIX machine which has a DAT drive. Can anyone tell me if I can do this with NT. Perhaps a shareware tar,dd,rsh command?
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There is an easy way to do this: install an NFS server in NT machine, mount the NT root directory of each NT partitions on Unix machine and perform a tar, cpio, dump or whatever other command from the Unix machine to DAT.

In Unix machine:
mount -t nfs NTMACHINE:ROOTDIR /mountdir
tar cvf /dev/rmt/0 /mountdir
How about mks toolkit, It gives you all the unix command?
davidcawkwellAuthor Commented:

Yes I knew this. But is there a way I can do it for free.
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You may use the evaluation edition of AccessNFS of Intergraph at:

Download it at:

Then, access NT from UNIX machine to do backup.
davidcawkwellAuthor Commented:

Permanently for free
Which is most important? To solve the problem or to get a free software? :-))
Why don't you just share the tape drive.
NT let you share devices.
Install the Samba package on your Unix box. With it comes the
"smbclient" utility, which gives you (amongst others) a tar-
like interface to any SMB fileserver, e.g. your NT box' share(s).
Then you can backup your NT box directly to the Unix tape drive
with something like
smbclient \\NT\backup "secretpwd" -N -Tc /dev/nrst0

NB: This will not save the ownership and rights of files, nor
will it backup files with multiple streams (e.g. if you use your
NT as a Macintosh file server).


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davidcawkwellAuthor Commented:
Yes thats what I've been trying but I'm having problems using the
smbclient program. It just comes back not enough \ when I try to connect to a PC.
eg if machine is   \\David_Cawkwell\win95    (share is win95)
I get not enough \ in name   \\David_Cawkwellwin95

???? any ideas
When using UNC in the shell, you have to escape the backslashs;
this is done via a double backslash, that is \\ gives you \.
Now you can either double all backslashs in your command
(\\\\David_Cawkwell\\win95) or escape the whole UNC
Sorry, I should've mentioned this in the example above.

davidcawkwellAuthor Commented:
great it works. Ta very much.
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