Configruate X for my video card.

I have a intergraph intendense 100 3d and I like to know which X Server to use and how to configruate it. I don't like to run it in 8-bit collors under XF86_VGA16
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mhomannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried the XF86_SVGA server? at the intergraph pages, they say the card is
VESA compatible, so it should at least run...

You must find a specific X-server for your card. XFree does not support this particuloar card. I would look into either the S.u.s.e servers, or a commercial package like AccellX
puckoAuthor Commented:
Yes I know!
If you read my question again you can se that I asked:
I like to know which X Server to use and how to
configruate it

I havn't found anything about it, that's why I asked a question here....
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try to run it as 'generic' svga with the XF86_SVGA-Server....

puckoAuthor Commented:
I tried it but I don't know how to configruate it....
I like to use more than 8-bit colors..
puckoAuthor Commented:
I can start it in 16 bit but I only get 320x200.
cat /proc/pci says something about renedition 1000 but If I chose Renedition in XF86Setup It doesn't work.
hmm... on the rendition homepages ( they say they sent
demo sources of drivers to the xfree people, to the metro-x people and some other
X guys for driver programming...
btw, is your X set up to make a .X.err and .X.out file in $HOME on startup?
send me these files, after starting X with this card, to my e-mail... maybe i can find
puckoAuthor Commented:
How do I set it up so I can get X.err and X.out ????
and what's youre e-mail?
my email is, and for the logfiles:
in your .bashrc do
--- cut here ---
function startx { /usr/X11R6/bin/startx $* 2>&1 | tee ~/.X.err ; }
--- cut here ---

then you´ll get $HOME/.X.err, where all output of the X server is logged...


      to be able to configure the card you should run a make menuconfig this way  
cd /usr/src/linux  
/usr/src/linux #make menuconfig  
then it showed you the configuration window.  
it selects a card similar to yours and later he keeps the kernel.  
then it leaves the menu and you are in the prompt and it executes  
make dep; make clean; make zImage  
then copy the zImage of the directory /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot to the root  
then it publishes the lilo.conf and in the part where this the vmlinuz replaces it for the /zImage  
then save the lilo.conf and from the prompt /etc #it executes lilo  
he will appear you a message ADDED LINUX *  
then resetea the team  

puckoAuthor Commented:

What  does a new kernel have to do with X ??????
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