ISDN TEI Assignment

When exactly is the TEI assignment procedure carried out? Is the TEI value assigned to a user equipment changed at any time (this refers to automatic TEI assignment). Does the TEI value remain fixed for the whole lifetime of the equipment?TEI   is Terminal Endpoint Identifier
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TSauerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A NTBA is the connection point to ISDN. The TEI identifis for example a point to point connection or a point to multipoint (Standard)
sorry, but I can't find the term TEI in any of my ISDN manuals...
please explain more !

rekdevAuthor Commented:
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Tei indentifices the kind of your ISDN Line. In this way, it is setup one time for the lifetime. A normal NTBA works fine with TEI set to automatic. In some cases it is nesaccery to change the TEI, for example if your a connected to a telephon system
rekdevAuthor Commented:
What is NTBA?
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