Netware 4.11 - FILE LOCKS not releasing

Here's the situation:

Netware 4.11 server.  Client 32 (v2.1.1) on workstations.

In some instances, after a user has closed a file, the file is remaining locked under that user's login ID.  I can see that the file is open on the console.  If the user logs out, the lock is released and all is well.  

Anyone encountered this?  Anyone know of a fix for this?

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Chris RipollMaster of NoneCommented:
Could you elaborate on some specifics. ie. What application(s) cause the file locking? What OS is running on the desktop?

I have experienced file locking problems but only with one application.

Cheers - CR
psiessAuthor Commented:
There have been two cases in the last couple of days.  One is with mail on an MSMAIL post office.  The other application is EXCEL.

Desktops are running WIN95B.  

In excel, a user opened a file but it came up readonly.  When I checked the console, the file was open under that user's ID.  I had him log out and this cause the lock to be released.

In MSMAIL, the problem is a similar one.  EXCHANGE checks the post office for mail but there is a lock left on the mail file.  In some cases, users cannot send/receive email until they log out and log in again.  When this happens, other users cannot send mail to the user in question.


Does the problem happen for same user on different PC?

Do the problem PC's use the current 32-bit NDIS (not ODI) NIC driver?

The following Novell tech document describes a case where a buggy ODI NIC driver caused a similar problem:
Files held open with DWClient32 2.2 & Xircom  (Last modified: 09JAN1998)

     This document (2933478) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.

     PSC file is held open AND system login script NET$LOG.DAT is held open
     With PSC and the NetWare 3.12 LOGIN.EXE files that are normally closed (with earlier versions of the Client32) are not being closed and are keeping users from getting into Platinum Software and the administrator from modifying the login script from SYSCON. To get back into Platinum the users log out (which forces the file closed) and then they login again and at that point they can get back in. The modifying the login script is more troublesome, as the file is never closed when they login to the network until they log out unless I setup the client using a previous version of CLIENT32 or the VLM client.


     Customer Configuration
     intraNetWare DOS Windows Client 32 (Client.nlm v2.2 970630).


     NetWare DOS Requester
        first network drive=f
        show dots=on
        name context="o=mc"
        network printers=9
        signature level=0
        netware protocol=nds bind
        preferred server=mchoice

     link driver pmxmlid
        port 300
        int 10
        mem c8000
        frame ethernet_802.2

     Of course the site running 3.12 does not have NDS in the protocol section and a preferred tree or context.


     I thought the problem was with all my Client32 workstations, but I've found out that only the notebooks using Xircom's 16-bit DOS ODI driver for PCMCIA NICs have the problem. There may be a problem with how Xircom designed their ODI driver, and after talking with Xircom they have said they are spending no further resources on fixing any of their "legacy" cards. I haven't yet tried to duplicate with other 16-bit ODI drivers to see if the problem continues with them.


     Don't use the Xircom 16 bit Dos ODI Driver for PCMCIA Nic's with client32 2.20

                    Please select if this document solved your problem.

      Document Title:
                          Files held open with DWClient32 2.2 & Xircom
      Document ID:
      Creation Date:
      Modified Date:
      Document Revision:
      Novell Product Class:
                          NetWare OS
                          Novell BorderManager
      Novell Product and Version:
                          NetWare 4.11 Kayak
                          NetWare 3.12
                          NetWare 3.2
                          intraNetWare Client CD (August 97)

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psiessAuthor Commented:
The problem we experience is not as specific as you have outlined.  I've seen more than one case where when  a user saves and closes and Excel file, the file remains open & locked under that user's ID.

I have to say that I saw this several times while access the Intranet webserver.

Saar Carmi.
The problem may be less specific than the technote, but if you're using an ODI driver instead of NDIS on the PC, why not see if the change helps?
psiessAuthor Commented:
The clients are all using NDIS.


Which NIC(s) are the clients using?
Try the simplest things first:

flag all the files (XLS...) shareable, does the symptom still remain?
not sure when the change was made but there used to be a problem with the Client 32 and  not releaseing files. The Fix was to add the following to NET.CFG requester section.


psiessAuthor Commented:
I can't really use that answer jwilleke!  :-)


For what it's worth...can you try the settings that jwilleke mentioned, but in (right click) Net Neigborhood/Properties/Novell Client/Properties/Advanced, instead of NET.CFG?

Or have you tried 'em already?....

And by the way, what NIC(s) are the clients using?

psiessAuthor Commented:
My apologies to jwilleke...when I looked yesterday, the answer had no text in it.  I have made the change to my workstation and will monitor the problem.


You should be aware that the delayed closing of files is a design feature of client32.  The idea behind it is to speed up access to files that are repeatedly opened & closed by a given application by removing the NCP requests & subsequent latency associated with re-opening a file once it has been opened. The Net.Cfg NetWare DOS Requester parameter that controls this is: -
Close Behind Ticks nn
Where nn specifies the number of 'ticks' to delay closing the file after the close request has been received.
Default:  0 (no delay)
Range:  0 to 65535



There are approximately 18.21 ticks / second or 1090 / minute.

Other Net.Cfg NetWare DOS Requester parameters associated with this parameter are: -
Delay Writes
Cache Writes
True Commit

For more information consult ngwcfgdw.hlp that came with the Client32 requester.

psiessAuthor Commented:
The CLOSE BEHIND TICKS setting is set to 0 on my system, and yet files are still being held open.


Initially, My advice here would be to update your client installations to Version 2.2 available from Novell's Support Site - - this is after all what Novell would suggest. Hope this solves your problem
psiessAuthor Commented:
Even after upgrading the client on my workstation to Intranetware Client 32 v2.2, a file was still left hanging open.  This is not a consistent occurance.  It is random and intermittent.


Chris RipollMaster of NoneCommented:
I know this may seem silly but have you ruled out viruses. A friend of mine spent a week re-installing a NOS only to find a virus was causing his intermittent problems.

Long shot but who knows ?
If none of the previous answers worked try replacing NOVELLNP.DLL
with the latest version found at:
if the version you are using is older than 9/25/97.
Explode the EXE file in you Client32 install directory and the
WIndows\system directory of the workstations that already have Client32 installed.


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