Mpeg Player on 68K that reads dat format

I've Sparkle 2.4.5 for 68K, but It does not read VideoCD,

the dat files in the folder MPEGAV.

Can any one help me on this?

My CPU Q840AV, 32/1Gb 4xCD
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ya tried using apples Movie Player?
abooAuthor Commented:
I've used

Movie player 2.5.1

Mpegmac 0.3

Mpeg2decorder 1.1.5

but I've that sparkle read Mpeg format on 68K Mac but it does not read the format in the VCD disk, MPEGAV folder, the file with DAT extension, the same VCD runs fine on PPC
have you tried allocating an obscene ammount of memory to sparkel?
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abooAuthor Commented:
Sparkle does NOT recognize the VCD file format.

It's not a question about memory

sugg. 2200

pref 24000

and still does NOT work
well then i think youve answered your own question...sparkle does NOT recognize VCD file formats. not on 68k anyway...the cpu power to process the format may simply be not enough.
abooAuthor Commented:
Can u suggest a program that will run on 68K that will read the VCD DAT format?
If your Disc have a Autorun.inf file then this disc cannot be opened by MAC because this autorun file try to find the Windows Application to open the dat file.

You may use the PC such as Xing MPEG to open it.

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uhm not exactly...macs can read those file formats...and i have another idea...use the fwb cdrom toolkit which has a cd player bundled with it that will play video CD's
I'm afraid that you are out of luck until you purchase a PowerMac...  There are three pieces of software that will play vCDs on PPCs, and none on 68k.  Do a search on

Unless Apple ever rewrites QuickTime MPEG for 68k machines (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) I'm afraid that you will not be able to view vCDs.  However, a 68k machine can easily handle CD+G format (still images with music), so your Karaoke plans may not be all together lost...

I hope this answers your questions...
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