Using a table called DATADICT, it is possible in xBase languages to open a file without knowing the name of the file.  For example:

use &cFilename.                                       {Evaluates at runtime to:  CUSTOMER}

One responded pointed out that I could use a generic table component and simply put the filename from the data dictionary into the Table.Name property, yet I would prefer to use the table components in my data module.  In xBase syntax, I guess it would look something like this:  

  sTblName := string;

  sTblName := datamod.tblDataDict['TABLNAME'];      {where this field contains 'tableCustomer'}

Perhaps this is simply not possible in Object Pascal....:)

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I will try to pull myself back to the evil days of Clipper...Anyway depending on just what DATADICT->FILENAME is returning you would do this

I think DATADICT->FILENAME is the field filename in the table DataDict...right??? oh well that's what I will take it for

so do this

if Table1.Active then Table1.Active := False;
Table1.TableName := tbDataDict.FieldByName('FileName').AsString;
Table1.Active := True;

You will propbably also want to go into foxpro and type in this
delete all for database = sucky
pack  :)

roncmAuthor Commented:
Sorry, no help....
roncmAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
What you are trying to do is not possible in object pascal. What you have to do is:

- for each table you want to open drop a TTable component on your datamodule (comparabal to each USE clause in clipper)

- Open your datadict table

Assign the Tablename propery:
if your filename contains a path use Extractfilename(filename) to extract the real filename.
Table1.TableName := tbDataDict['FileName']

Assign the Databasename property to the directory where your table resides (comparabal to set_default in clipper)
Call the table open method or set active to true

By the way, using a macro expansion in clipper takes a lot of time. Better is: USE (FileName) SHARED ...

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roncmAuthor Commented:
Not possible.  I thought so.  Thanks jhunt...

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