Windows95 Upgrade Problem

Whilst trying to upgrade a Compaq Deskpro pc from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95, I get an error message after asked to reboot the pc. The error messsage says "While Initializing device VAUDRV: Windows Protection Error. Please restart PC."
I have removed any Dos Graphics/Audio & Device drivers from the Autoexec.bat & Config.sys.
Can anyone offer any suggestions to help fix this problem.
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When starting your computer press F8 for the win95 boot menu.. (when message "starting windows 95" appears)

From this menu choose "safe mode"

The pc will now boot into safe mode and will not load all drivers.
When the pc has booted in safemode go to the control panel and choose system adn then device manager..

Then go to the sound, video and game controlers and delete these

shutdown the pc and reboot.

Now it has no audio drivers so the error with the VAUDRV will not appear..

Then you can install your win95 audio drivers from disk that should have come with your computer..



dreadnaughtAuthor Commented:
I am afraid that I had tried removing theses drivers from within 95 "safe mode". On re-booting the pc and starting in normal mode.
the problem still existed. I have searched for this file/key "AUDRV" in the system configuration files and registry, to no avail.
Sorry nvandijk, but my problem is still open.
It is interesting you had this problem, because when i upgraded a Compaq, I ran into a similar problem upgrading, but with the MMSOUND.DRV.  have you considered deleting all devices from Win95 system Propoerties like the sound card for example?

then REM out everything in your autoexec.bat and config.sys except the CDROM driver and HIMEM.SYS statement.  will win95 load?

If so, add the sound card again and see if Win95 picks it up.

Please let me know what happens, i have some other ideas0----
If this works, post a comment saying for me to answer the post so I can pick up the credits.

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Can you try to start the win95 with F8 for win95 boot menu and select the STEP BY STEP ?
To look which driver the win95 try to load.
(Any time you can press ESC to see the command been executed under LOGO)
If all config and autoexec.bat pass and going to a dark monitor.
Send comment again to show what you see.

any idea what the VAU-driver is ?

OK, try this:

Boot Safe Mode


in WIN.INI, search for VAU

You should find something like:


REM this line,


Post here if it works!

Well, let's make life a little easier. Press F8 when you see starting Windows 95 and choose to create Bootlog.txt. Let Windows 95 run until you get the Windows protection error. Restart the pc and press F5 when starting Windows 95 and at the C:> prompt, type edit bootlog.txt and tell me everything that didn't load succesfully and we'll go from there.

Find the line in system.ini that refers to vaudrv.386 and place a semi-colon in front of it.
Then what happens?

What I meant to say is "Then what happens when you re-boot."

Also check that there arent drivers specified in the win.ini and the system.ini files. If there are, remove them
These things have already been offered.  It seems that you are getting into a habit of posting answers using information from comments posted by other experts.
It isn't helpful.

dreadnaughtAuthor Commented:
People!!!. I have said that I have checked within both the Registry and System files. This includes win.ini & system.ini. I have even searched for the VAUDRV*.* file, in a backup of exsiting files on the pc, that I had backed up on the server. I need to get the pc up and running NOW, so I guess that I will have to remove everything and reinstall all 3rd party apps etc. 50 points is up for grabs for the person who comes up with the best substantiated explanation of what the VAUDRV file is.!!
dreadnaught, I scratched around on the web and found a file that might help.  It has to do with the audio rack win vs. 3.1

You have installed the wrong audio rack program (windows 3.1)
What you need to do is uninstall the program.  To uninstall the program, follow these steps.

1. while booting up press F8 then press 3 for safe mode.
2. when the computer finishes boot-up, put the "Audio Rack Windows 3.1" disk in your computer.
3. click "Start" then "Run"
4. Type in "a:\setup" and press enter.
5. press "continue"
6. When the program finishes loading, Click on the "Uninstall" icon.
7. Your computer should reboot.
8. The problem should be solved

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Is the file "AUDRV" as in your original question, or is it "VAUDRV" that you have just referred to?
The file must be in one of the system files to be called at bootup.
Perhaps you searched for the wrong one?

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