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Transparent imagemap for background image in table

titken asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
Is there a way to make a transparent imagemap for a image placed as a background image in a table ?

The table also includes some text, which shouldn't be affected by the image map.

Any suggestions or answers how can I make this ?
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There is a way.
For such image maps, I suggest using photoshop.
Load in photoshop with a transparent background, and do what ever you like with your image. Otherwise, select the area you do not want and make it transparent.
Use "export" and select gif
Then use any image map creation program and do the rest...


The question isn't regarding a GIF89a.
Let me try to make it more clear.
I have a table, and in that I've placed a image as a "background-image". I have some text placed in front of the image, which should be locked there.
The image makes you want to click on it, but I can't figure out how to make that. Therefore, I want to know if some trick can "fake" a imagemap, that doesn't affect the rest of the table.


Does the text need to be dynamic?

If it's fixed, couldn't you go down the route of a real image map, having pasted the text permanently onto the picture then slicing it up accordingly within the cell you want to display it.

Cheers - MorFF
Sorry, background images (regular or table)  can't be used as image maps. As previously suggested, I'd incorporate the text into the image and create a standard image map.

If that's a solution, please reject the current answer and I'll submit my comment as an answer.

Cheers - MorFF



Your solution is aceptable, therefore I will give you the points for your reply/answer

This one is on us!
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Sorry for my late reply !
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