I have a big problem with x-windows in my linux ( redhat 5,0 ). The problem is that x-windows do not execute anytask . the problem must be with the x-manager but i haven't got any more . the problem is that no matter which task i try to execute , x-win do not do anything . The root shell only presents a black screen with no other function . moreover netscape will not execute not anything else giving me nothing more than a black non responding screen.
how can i solve the problem or install another x-manager ?
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mixelogjAuthor Commented:
Please solve it as soon as possible . it is urgent !
Have You the right x-server for your card?

Need more info about which server (metrox, xfree86, acceleratedx ?) and what video card are you using?
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mixelogjAuthor Commented:
sorry but i'm not that advanced about linux . I am using the Diamond Viper v330 on a pc mmx ( intel ) 200 , 64 mb sdram . 350 mb of linux space ( no virtual memory ) a modem of 28.800 bps and a cd 20x .How can i get the right x-server ?
login to a console window (tty) then start following (depending
on your shell):

      csh, tcsh# xinit >&x.log
      bash, sh, ksh# xinit >x.log 2>&1

you should get a screen with grided background and a X-shape
pointer. Any buttons on the mouse should show a popup-menu.
Stop X server with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and send contens of x.log
mixelogjAuthor Commented:
you don't understand , nothing ( including shells ) are functioning under x-windows . nothing...
Did you try to reinstall redhat 5.0?

mixelogjAuthor Commented:
no i didn;t because this is the last result since i have installed some programs which i need . This is the last resort , please tell me how to fix this without reinstallation
Question: what happens if you start X and then stop it?
This can be done either by ctrl-alt-backspace or by going
to another tty (ctrl-alt-F1, ctrl-alt-F2, etc) and killing
the process from there. I wonder why you are trying to start
netscape when you can't even get X to run :-)


mixelogjAuthor Commented:
x-windows do run . but no applications function including the root shell .
Oh, I'm sorry.. what I meant was: ".. get X to run properly"

For all clarity, please answer this question: when you start
X, do you get to see something like a greyish blackground or
any background for that matter? I'd like to know this because
this might indicate that your _actual_ problem doesn't involve
getting the right X server or configuring it properly.

If it's not the X server that's causing your problem (and after
rereading your question, I don't really think it is), then it
might be your window manager. Furthermore, if your 'root shell'
(some xterm, I presume..?) is black, it might be because both
the foreground and background colors are set to black for some

I think the problem should be quite simple to solve, but you
really have to provide more accurate information.

mixelogjAuthor Commented:
Yes i can see background in x-win . I see a black and white background with a quite low refresh rate ( must be 60hz ). The display is not of good quality .I don't think it is the colours because no application i executed ( even netscape ) . moreover when i type a command which should lead me to an application ( different environment ) in the root shell , nothing happens . That application is bitchx which executes perfectly well under linux ( not x-win ) . The thing is that x-win run at the beggining well but NO applications respond or execute . I have asked someone who is good at linux and he said it is a problem of the x-manager . He also told me how to load different managers nder x-win . the thing is that no other x-managers can be found in my x-win . I haven't installed everything from the cd due to low disk space. I don't think the problem is in the colours because i see a normal background but it must be the x-manager .How can i solve it ? nothing responds under x-win , however x-windows do in initiate and shutdown correctly
> ou don't understand , nothing ( including shells ) are
> functioning under x-windows . nothing...

mixelogj, I think you meant my comment.
So if you look at Talence's comments, my suggestion is just that
in short words. I never said that you should do anything *after*
X has started, I want to know if core X is running properly.

All you descriptions about the bahavior let me think that an
application started automaticaly (by $HOME/.xinitrc or whatever)
causes the problem.

Could you please also tell us how much RAm and swap you're using?
Could you check if something like 'fvwm' or 'fvwm95*' is
present on your system? Also, post your ~/.xinitrc so we
can check it out.
mixelogjAuthor Commented:
yes my x-manager is fwwm i do think this is the one which is causing the problem . I am using 64 mb sdram without any swap . i will answer you other question about some apps in the end of this week :) ( when i have time )
Heh, why no swap?? Anyway... what I asked you was if it is
present on your system - perhaps you haven't installed it. So:

1) Does the binary 'fvwm' exist on your system?
   If so, proceed to 2.

2) Where do you call fvwm from? Did you specify the FULL PATH
   of fvwm? Check this by reading ~/.xinitrc.

3) Do you have an '.fvwmrc' file in your homedir?

Anyway.. answer these three questions and maybe your problem
can be solved.


If You're using XFree86, try to do the following:
First of all, shut down the X server. Then log in as root and run SuperProbe utility located in /usr/X11R6/bin. This prog. will show You information about Your Video card (soj memory, RAMDAC, chipset etc). The second thing You should do is collect *all* the information 'bout Your monitor (Hor. sync., Vert. sync., resolution and refresh rates, etc) found in monitor's manual. Then re-run Xconfigurator utility and provide these parameters when asked. Answer "Probe" when asked to probe Your video. Also, if Xconfigurator cannot recognize Your video card, You'll be asked to provide information 'bout this. If, for example, You are not sure 'bout clockchip, set to "no" this point. And, for the first time, don't choose more then one resolution/color depth. Try for example only 800x600/8 bits. After Xconfigurator finished it's job, run X server by typing "startx". If it won't start, send me messages You would see on display. Also, if it still doesn't work, please send me Your /etc/X11/XF86config file.


mixelogjAuthor Commented:
i'll try to do these . thanks
mixelogjAuthor Commented:
Now ....this may sound redicoulous but bear in mind that i am not a linux expert .Because your instructions mere too complicated for me i decided to reinstall redhat 5,0 . I deleted the Linux partition and reinstalled the whole thing . All is good apart from something . Because the version of lilo in this version of redhat is unable to boot fat32 partitions ( that's where I have my win 95 ) I decided not to installl Lilo . now.... I can not find a way of booting linux , i simply cannot get into linux environment . Could you tell me the image file ( if any ) which makes a linux boot disk , or could you tell me where i can get another version of lilo ( more recent ) ? There is an image file ( boot.img ) but this image file drives me to install . HELP!!!!
OK,  This is going ot be a convoluted method for getting back into Linux, as I hate
the Redhat boot disks for doing repairs.  First, you'll want to get a slackware boot disk
that will work for your machine.  Under windows, ftp to ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/distributions/slackware/bootdsks.144 and get bare.i
While you're at sunsite cd to /pub/Linux/distributions/slackware/install and get RAWRITE.EXE.  Put the bare.i and RAWRITE.EXE is the same directory, perhaps c:\linux.

Reboot your windows95 to command prompt only mode and use rawrite to place the
image (bare.i) on a floppy disk.  The syntax should be "rawrite bare.i a:".  

If there are no errors, reboot your machine with the floppy disk in the drive.
When you get a prompt, enter the following:

mount root=/dev/hd? (where ? is your linux partition)

This should allow you to get back into linux.
To make a boot disk for yourself, you should be able to do the following:

dd if=/boot/vmlinuz of=/dev/fd0  
rdev -R /dev/fd0 1
rdev /dev/fd0 /dev/hd?  (where ? is the partition of you linux install)
This should be a reliable boot disk for you until you get lilo working.

When you have linux back, you still will not be able to use X.  Support for your Video
card, which is based on the NVidia Riva 128 Chipset, is not included by default
in XFree86 until XFree86 3.3.2.   The version RedHat has available is 3.3.1.

To get X working for you, you'll have to go to:
and get xnvidia.rpm.
While you are at Suse, you'll have to cd to /pub/suse_update/XSuSE/config/
and get xsuseconfig_old.tgz.  
rpm -Uvh xnvidia.rpm
cd /
tar -xzvf ~/xsuseconfig_old.tgz

then run xf86config to configure your card useing the Nvidia X server.

X they have available, or you'll have to rebuild X from source yourself.

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mixelogjAuthor Commented:
Thanks . i'll try that but as i am not a linux expert i am not sure of the results . thanks !
Hmm. reinstalling programs and even OSs somteimes, after several reboots, may help (for most M$ products it is the the recommented procedure:-), but are we talking about linux?

So, mixelogj, why are you not looking close to the problem, the X stuff, as some comments recomment?
Again, what happens and what is printed on your terminal when you just start X ?
Please ignore the very last line in my proposed answer for your problem.
My browser did something unexpected and stupid in the edit space.

mixelogj,  have you tried what I have suggested?  If it does not work, please let me
know what errors you get and what kind of behavior your machine exhibits.
mixelogjAuthor Commented:
ok but sou see , i tried to boot linux and it said : kernel panic : and something wrong with the partitions . soo it has gona have some time to reinstall . notice that i am booting from a boot disk with the kernel image .
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