I can´t use high DMA!

My system:
Win95a, P166 MMX, 24MB
S3 V2 Graphics card
Soundblaster 16 Value + Software update to AWE32
Panasonic CD drive

Current configuration for sound:


I would like to use the factory defaults:


There are no conflicts, when I change the settings,
but none of the audio programs find sound device.
I have tried to reinstall hardware and software,
before and after changing settings, but nothing works!
Only DMA:s 1, 2 and 4 are in use, so there should´nt be
a problem. With default settings [ 5,1,5 ], my CD disappears
too, and in "your computer" properties is says that
"CD is using MS-DOS" (translation from swedish).
Thanks in advance!
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Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
I have no idea how you can do a software upgrade to AWE32. I thought that was a hardware upgrade.  Anyway --

It sounds like you CD-ROM may be connected to the sound card instead of connected through IDE controller with the hard drive.  Could you check this?

IF that is the case...  the problem is you aren't changing the sound card at all but the CD interface settings.

In either case... why would you want to change to HMA 5.  What gives you the indication that it is somehow better than HMA1?  You definately don't want ANY changes that would  throw you into a MS-DOS mode on any of your disk drives.
Well, the problem with HighDMA arises on buggy motherboards... so apart from replacing MoBo.. not much you can do. I had an old JET board who gave me this dilemma.

And alandc, afaik DMA1 is 8bit, and DMA5 is 16bit

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peterxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer j2!?


Yes my CD is connected to the soundcard!
Some games :) need to use both high and low DMA´s.
(My motherboard is G586IPC)
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Ill try to find the reference, i had a pretty good ref. on which boards were buggy... i should still have it..

Regnar det lika jävligt hos dig också? :)
peterxAuthor Commented:
Här är det bara solsken,
förutom när det gäller ljudkortet :)
and for all you non english guys.. just discussing hte weather.. :)

Well... ehm.. got any chance to try the card in nother machine? but i am pretty sure about the flawd dma thing...
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