Sound Card *WAV* problems

I have a sound blaster 16 card, and it will play CD music and MIDI music fine, but when I try to play a WAV file, it says it cannot find the hardware or something is wrong with it. I don't know what is wrong....
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Looks like it's the problem with the sound driver.
Try look in Control Panel/Multimedia, in the Audio tab, see if [Preferred device] is set to something (like: SB16 Wave Out [220]). If not, see if there's anything in the list. If you cannot see anything there, try re-install your sound drivers.
devinmAuthor Commented:
nope, it is there. This is veru weird.
Are you running Windows (which version), or DOS?

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I'm not sure. Can you copy the error message here?
Also, try looking at ControlPanel/Multimedia/Advance, double click [Audio Device/Audio for ...] and [Media Control Devices/Wave Audio Device] and see if they are enabled.
We don't know if he is running Windows yet, now do we?
(general hardware question)

since he said, "nope, it is there. This is veru weird." about me suggesting him to check in the control panel, so I suppose he's using windows95.
devinmAuthor Commented:
hehe. Leeal, you copied my prase perfectly, even with the spelling mistake on "veru". ;-)

Well yes, I am running Window '95. I checked in the control panels and made sure the sound card was enabled, and it was. When i double click on a WAV file, and press play, it says:
"Cannot play the audio stream: No audio hardware us available, or the hardware is not responding."

When I try to open other WAV files with different sound programs, it gives similar messages.
haha, I just copy&paste it.

I'm not so sure about your problem, 'cuz I cannot reproduce that error message.
what I suggest is first look in [Control Panel/System/Device Manager], find SB16 and look at its properties to see if there's any conflicts and whether the IRQ and I/O Addresses are set correctly.
The default settings should be something like:
   Base I/O: 0220-022F
   MIDI Base I/O: 0330-0331
   IRQ: 5
   DMA (low): 1
   DMA (high): 5

If still doesn't solve the problem, try remove the sound blaster driver in ControlPanel/Device Manager and reinstall it.
   What we need to know, is what are ALL the drivers in the System that relate to the  soundblaster.U might have the needed part of the driver missing. Also, check the Mixer
 on the task bar and see if it's properties are configured corectly. Do the same to   mediaPlayer.
devinmAuthor Commented:
Leeal: Well, I removed my sound drivers in the control panels, and re-installed it. When I booted up Windows, the welcoming sound played. Thanks. It was too simple. ;-)  

Just propose an answer and I'll give you credit
Here. :)

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devinmAuthor Commented:
Nice answer! "Here!" answered my question. thanks again. ;-)

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