Video Card w/Tuner for NT4

I'm looking for a video card
with built in TV tuner
and video capture etc
which will work on NT4.0
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seychellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have NT for with TV tuner and DVD the brand is MIRO.  It has a remote control.  It works fine. I also use it for video capture.  I had to download driver from their webpage but all is

US Robotics also have one, it actually comes with a little camera, but is a tune and a video capture unit. It is pricey, but also works. let me know if you need to know the model of the Miro MPEG video capture card.


cool !!

hope this helps. cheers
You can buy ATI all in wonder video card but you will be better if you buy video card and hauppage works tv card it support NT 4.0

the all in wonder is all i know of and i like ati products
I agree that the all-in-wonder is a nice card, though the video output that I have seen isn't the best. My personal thought is to by seperate cards/components. That way if one breaks, you can replace one piece (and spend less $$$$).
adlAuthor Commented:
i'll check it out

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