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How can I right-justify a menu in VB 5?
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Try putting a tab Chr$(9) in front of the text you want to justify.  It works for the top level drop down menu's. (like putting the help menu on the right)
I don't want to lock up you question as I've not tried it.  If it works, let me know and I'll submit it as an answer1

Cheers - MorFF
You should have submitted this as an answer.  It indeed works.  Although there is some space still on the right (which is reserved for the shortcut keys.)

Thanks for your fairness!

Cheers - MorFF
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polygonAuthor Commented:
My menu is a toplevel, dropdown menu (created with VB built-in menu editor).

I've tried this code but still nothing happens.

Private Sub Form_Load()
   mnuHelp.Caption = Chr$(9) & "Help"
End Sub


sorry, sent you down the wrong path there.  Try this;

   Form1.help.caption = chr$(8) + form1.help.caption

Should work! - MorFF   ;-)
polygonAuthor Commented:
I'm SorRy, but I still can't make it work.
Can you send me a project which has a right-justified menu to billy_man@hotmail.com ?

polygon, If you still need help whould you clue me in as to what you mean by right- justified. I tried the code offered and it worked for me.
VB 5 supports something called bidirectional features that is if you are using a bidirectional Windows with bidirectional languge like arabic or hebrew to write from right to left all you have to do is to enable the RightToLeft prperty (Form1.RightToLeft = True)

now when you use any control over this form it will be supporting right to left, even the menues will be displayed from right to left.
this is how i understood your problem , i hope this will help you.
polygonAuthor Commented:
I don't think English is a bidirectional language.
The only thing I want is my Help menu to go to the right (below the minimize, maximize, close buttons).
I assume you mean, "How can I right-justify a menu ITEM in VB 5?"
You cannot* place the Help menu to the right.
The reason for the responses that told you to put in a Chr$(8), is that this used to work.  That functionality was removed to force VB programmers to do their menues the 'correct' way (correct=Windows; having a menu to the far right is the Macintosh way)
[* Actually you can do this; but, it would be a huge amount of trouble, and I'm not sure you can do it with just VB.  If you have Win32 API experience, and are willing to expend a lot of effort on this let me know.]

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