How to auto login to Win95 on start-up

How can I configure a Win95 machine to automatically login on reboot ?
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Make only one user, and give that user a blank password.
If you're on a network, change the login from 'Microsoft Network' to 'Windows Login'

You shouldn't get any login dialogs anymore!


PS: If you need more info, I'll add a comment with that info!
morteoAuthor Commented:
I wanted it to also log in to the network like the NT Autolog utility.
If you need actual automatic login procedure for certain user you should use tweak UI (from Powertoys) and under network tab enter user name and password for the user you wish to be autologged.



P.S. If you like my answer better please reject current one and give me chance to post mine so you can evaluate it.
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1st this, then tweakui,
Create and Enable User Profile
To enable user profiles on a local computer after setup
1. In the Passwords option in Control Panel, click
the User Profiles tab.
2. Click to select the option named Users Can Customize
Their Preferences And Desktop Settings.
3. Click the options you want under User Profile Settings.
These options describe what should be included as part of
the user profile.
4. Shut down and restart the computer.

Tip If you include desktop icons in your user profile,
only the shortcuts (icons that represent links) will be
available when you log on to the network from another
computer. Actual files on your desktop are part of your
local user profile only.

To disable user profiles on a local computer

In the Passwords option in Control Panel, click the User
Profiles tab. Make sure the option named All Users Of
This PC Use The Same Preferences And Desktop Settings is

Note:  If an application is installed after user profiles
are enabled with the option to include the Start menu and
Programs in the profile, only the user who was logged on
when the application was installed will have an entry for
that application on the Programs menu. Other users will
have to create shortcuts to the application on their
Programs menus.

HOW TO: CREATE PROFILES To create user profiles, open Control
Panel's Passwords applet and click on the User Profiles tab.
Select the radio button beside the "User can customize their
preferences . . ." description. Place checks beside both options
in the User Profile Settings box. Then click on OK.

Windows will want to restart the system at this point, but don't
let it. It's better if you configure each user right away. To do
that, choose Shut Down's "Close all programs and log on as a
different user" option. Then after a few seconds, Windows will
display the Welcome to Windows dialog familiar to network users.
Enter the name of the first user or custom desktop beside User
name, and click on OK. You'll be asked to let Win 95 save
individual settings for this user. Click on Yes. The wait cursor
appears while Windows creates the new user configuration. Choose
Shut Down again and repeat the process for every user or custom
desktop you want to create. When you're done, choose Shut Down and
restart the computer.
Performs Many Registry Hacks. Automatically Restores: Fonts, System Files, Icons,
Regedit, File Associations and Much more. 
Simply cut and paste this to a file and aedit the username and password ... then save it as a "file.reg" and double click it to add it to the registry.




morteoAuthor Commented:
I am reject this because I would like to accept bonez's exvellent solution.
HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Network\Real Mode Net =Autologon ,00
Come on smollett, this is really not polite! Morteo explicitly said he liked bonez's solution and he wants to grade him. Don't do this (I honestly hope this is some kind of mistake!)

It certainly seems something is wrong! I posted my comment as reaction to smollet's proposing answer to morteo's question (morteo explicitly asked bonez to propose answer!) but it showed up as proposed answer text (originally proposed answer was empty post) AND my comment!
However it would be fair to reject this answer and give bonez a chance to propose his answer!

Morteo, you do know that tweakUI does exactly the same thing as registry change bonez suggested. Personally I think it is easier to change default logon user from tweakUI than by changing registry entries.

It all depends on you...

morteoAuthor Commented:
> Morteo, you do know that tweakUI does exactly the same thing as registry change
> bonez suggested. Personally I think it is easier to change default logon user from > tweakUI than by changing registry entries.

Yep I know but I wanted to do it on five machine, download it, and then install and run it five times verses edit the REG file, and double click on it five times
Yeap, you're right.. didn't know the whole story.. reg file is much faster solution..
You're probably securing windows for public use.. I just have an idea.. Normaly people will still be able to go to shutdown, press log in as another user and try to use it that way.. I solved it by downloading a small util named shutdown (search it by ftpsearch or at it is 5 k program which makes usual windows shutdown. I set it to be run as a program in default user profile (the users that are not listed in policy file or does not yoet have an account on this machine)
So when someone tries to create a new user profile it starts logging him but than starts this program and computer shutdowns.. This is as good solution for "esc" users too. (people that loogs on to your machine by pressing esc at login prompt..)

Install Ie 4.0

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