A Directory on a Frame?

I need to be able to control the layout of a frame that contains a directory, instead of linking something to a file, I need to link it to a directory, to see the directory listing, but I need to be able to control the layout, I don't want that ugly layout with "Directory listing of..." on the top with that size...
Any idea?


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percynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using IIS, you can use ADSI via ASP to give you the dir listing. Otherwise you can write a CGI/NSAPI/ISAPI to display the results of the dir listing
Take a look at

Where you can see some "on-the-fly" directory generation.  You will also see how you can get this going for you if you like it.

Will repost as an answer if you like it....
Looks like a CGI/ISAPI/NSAPI that recurses through the dir structure and displays it...just like I mentioned.
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