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Implementing tooltips using win32 API

Could anybody provide me with a step-by-step explanation of how I can implement tooltips
(eg for picture buttons, but also for an edit control, etc). The explanation must assume using
the Win32 API.
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Can you use MFC? It will be a lot simpler...
Posting the question in the windows programming section may get you better/faster responses
Have a timer with a delay of, say, one second.
Every time it ticks, get the cursor position (GetCursorPos), and check which control the cursor is on. Set some global or static variable to a value associated with the control - its ID, handle or some other value you decide on. If the cursor isn't on any control, set it to a null value. Each time the timer ticks, check if the current position of the cursor is on the same control as in the previous time. If so, display a tooltip. The best way to do this would be using a small window of its own right, borderless that cannot be sized, which will have a timer of a few seconds, which, when elapsed, will close the window, and the main window will close the tooltip if the cursor has gone over another control. So the best would probably be to use just one window for the tooltip, never destroying it, just showing, moving and hiding it as necessary.
That's all :)

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I didn't see a concise solution:  here is mine.
void CreateToolTip(HWND& hWnd_Tip, HWND& hwndMain, HINSTANCE& hInstMain, HWND& hWnd_Tool,std::string toolTipText, TOOLINFO& toolInfo )
// hWnd_Tip: handle to tooltip window
// hwndMain: handle to parent of tool
// hInstMain: app Instance
// hWnd_Tool: handle to Tool for which tooltip is applied
// toolInfo:  TOOLINFO structure, intialize before calling this function, i.e. "TOOLINFO toolInfo = { 0 };"
	hWnd_Tip = CreateWindowEx(NULL, TOOLTIPS_CLASS, NULL,
							hWndMain, NULL, hInstMain,
	SetWindowPos(hWnd_Tip, HWND_TOPMOST,0, 0, 0, 0,
	    // Associate the ToolTip with the tool.
    toolInfo.cbSize = sizeof(toolInfo);
    toolInfo.hwnd = hWndMain;
    toolInfo.uFlags = TTF_IDISHWND | TTF_SUBCLASS;
    toolInfo.uId = (UINT_PTR) hWnd_Tool;
    toolInfo.lpszText = (LPSTR)  toolTipText.c_str();
    SendMessage(hWnd_Tip, TTM_ADDTOOL, 0, (LPARAM)&toolInfo);

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