FrontPage Server Bombs

What do I tell my ISP tech support people to do to fix a problem I am having?  The problem lies with a threaded web discussion I created with FrontPage 98, using the wizard.  I made no changes before testing it.  It works fine on my PC.  It does not work on my ISP's server.  

My ISP says they support FrontPage 98 server extensions.  The guys says he created a threaded discussion using the same facility in FrontPage, and runs it on the same server.  He says he is looking into it.

The way I loaded the discussion onto the server was to copy the discussion directory from C:\Frontpage Webs\content\discussion\*.* with all the subdirectories to the server, using FTP.  I can read the html portions of the site with my browser.  The problem comes when I try to post a comment (or "article") to the discussion.  When I do that, I get a server error (HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error).  I assume this is because my source code is not seeing the server extensions.

This seems like a simple question, if you happen to be a FrontPage server administrator.  I am sure my ISP will figure it out.  I just want to give them an answer if I have one, so I can get on with my work.
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You cannot port FP98 files with FTP, but you have to let FP98 do that for you with the publishing feature. Either you recreate the discussion web while connected to the remote copy (on the ISP server) or you publlish your local copy to the ISP.

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DanimalAuthor Commented:
I think I can understand that.  Let me try it.  If it works, you just got an easy A.

DanimalAuthor Commented:
When I tried publishing, I got a message indicating that I needed to enter a user name and password for access to the root web.  I tried my Frontpage username/password, my dial-in username/password, my FTP account username/password, ....none worked

Is this something my ISP tech support needs to deal with?
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Probably. Here is what's wrong: Each frontpage web can have Users, Authors, and Admins. You should have your own web on the ISP's server and you need to be an Admin to your own web. This means that you can freely copy, delete, and change, but it also means that you can control the user permissions for your web (only if the web is not running of an NT server). You have to tell your ISP that you need Admin rights to your web, and then you need to connect to the web and check the permissions in the web permissions dialog box. Give yourself Admin rights, and delete everyone else. Then check the box which say allow access to everyone. If you have further users (members, other authors), then you can change the settings in this dialog box. Let me know what happens.
DanimalAuthor Commented:
What if the web is running on an NT server?  I am not certain, but I think it might be.

In the meantime, I have forwarded your comments to my ISP.  I appreciate your hanging with me until this is resolved.

I'll keep upping the points for this question as long as we keep encountering additional sub-questions, as we have here.

Thanks again.

If it runs on NT, then you cannot really add users to your web since they have to exist in the NT Server's user database. FP98 cannot create them on NT as it can on UNIX.
Otherwise NT is not a problem. Good luck with your ISP, hope you get a reply soon!

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