Delete multiple selected records in DBgrid

Hi, my question is about DBGrid Data bound. I have a Database in Access 97 and when I try
to delete more than one register using del key, visual basic says to me that is impossible to
delete multiple records. However, in the Help there is a little code that must do that. This is:

Sub DeleteRows()
      Do While DBGrid1.SelBookmarks.Count <> 0
            Data1.Recordset.Bookmark = DBGrid1.SelBookmarks(0)
End Sub

This code is not correctly (I mean).  Only removes on record.
Please give me a solution.
Thanks a lot.
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For I = 0 to db1.selbookmars.count
data1.recordset.bookmark = db1.selbookmarks(i)
next i

netkukAuthor Commented:
This solution requires an object at line 2.
netkukAuthor Commented:
my answer is wrong. Sorry MikeP. The error that your program gives me is that the subindex is out of range.
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Try changing the first line to:

     For i = 0 to db1.selbookmars.count -1
netkukAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry ZSI but your answer it doesn't run good. When I try to delete the records in DBgrid from this recordset of MSAcces, the selbookmarks return right the number of records that I have selected but when I delete the first, the next one is empty (bookmark=subindex out of range). It's possible to delete ?
Is my database wrong ?
   Dim rst As Recordset
    Dim i As Integer
    Set rst = Data1.Recordset.Clone
    For i = 0 To DBGrid1.SelBookmarks.Count - 1
        rst.Bookmark = DBGrid1.SelBookmarks(i)
    Next i

If in doubt, do a bit of cloning !

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Try deleting the records in reverse order.  This should alleviate the problem.

For i = DBGrid1.SelBookmarks.Count - 1 to 0 Step -1
     Data1.RecordSet.Bookmark = DBGrid1.SelBookmarks(i)
Next i

unfortunately it don't work because as soon as you assigned to Data1.Recordset.bookmark the DBGrid1.SelBookmarks collection is cleared, probably because it is data bound to Data1.
Still, the point I wanted to make is that the loop should be executed in reverse order.  This will prevent the 'index out of range' error that netkuk experienced.
netkukAuthor Commented:
Congratulations ! You have reason. Thank you.
Second Zsi's solution is right, too. Congratulations, too.
Thank you a lot.
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