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Hello, in my Delphi v3 app I have a TabbedNoteBook with 10 tabs. When I am in a certain one of these tabs, I wish to prevent the user from clicking on another tab. The only way he should be able to get to another tab is by pressing a specific button on the screen...not by clicking another tab. Therefore I essentially want to 'disable' the tabs when he is in this screen. I try 'TabbedNoteBook1.enabled:=false', but this not only disables the tabs, but disables every component within the tab the user is currently on - definitely not what I want. How can I just disable the tabs from being clicked but still leave the components enabled?

  Shawn Halfpenny
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Hi aztec,

I think it's not possible... At least when I found out of this problem I didn't found a solution to it. But maybe somebody did... It's already a long time ago.

You should use pagecontrol which can handle this

Regards, ZiF.
You need to monitor the changing event.  The tab index during the changing event is the previous tab.  What you need to do is define a global variable to store the starting tab, and in the onchange event, set the current tab to that.


    Tab: TTabControl

  MyTab: integer;
  Allowed: boolean;

procedure MyForm.TabChanging(Sender: TObject);
  MyTab := Tab.TabIndex;

procedure MyForm.TabChange(Sender: TObject);
  if Allowed then
  if Tab.TabIndex <> MyTab then
    Tab.TabIndex := MyTab;

procedure MyForm.ButtonClick(Sender: TObject);
  Allowed := True;
  Tab.TabIndex := Value;
  Allowed := False;

This doesn't quite stop the users changing the tabs.  What it does do is detect the tab change and stores the initial tab.  Then it checks an allowed flag.  If this allowed flag is set to true (i.e. the change was caused by the button click) then the change happens, if the allowed flag is false, it changes the tab back to the original value.

If you want any furthur information, leave a comment.


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PageControl doesn't 'really' do what he wants either.  You CAN make a specific tab or page invisible using Page Control, however, you can't disable the tab, e.g., make the text light grey.  Maybe someone created a customer component to do this.
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Hi Aztec,

If you re-opens the question I know of a TabControl that does excatly what you want and more...

Just forgot to say: it's shareware (about $40).
Yep, there are customer components...
aztecAuthor Commented:
Works great...thanks!
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