I have been using Direct Tape Access for 9 months now. I had not had any
problem until now. I have a cartridge with 400 MB files that I am about to lose
if I do not find a way to recover the files. Direct Tape Access cannot "mount"
the cartridge and as a consequence there is not access to the files.
Does anybody know how I can get those files out of the tape ?
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Boby, if you Really need to get at these files you can use the direct tape mounting function that comes with McAfee's PC Medic. It works quite differently than the Seagate program. BUT it allows you to work with a drive that Seagate screws up on. It will give your tape backup a drive letter and run from there. One thing to remember is that you might want to uninstall the seagate program or if you don't want to uninstall it it has a hard time finding the drive. You might have to search around a while. I had this happen to me last year. Make sure your able to select the correct tape drive controller in add new hardware- or it will be useless. It seems to work after it finds your tape drive. You might want to try it both ways until it works correctly.
Make sure the version of PC Medic INCLUDES the tape function! Some don't.

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BobyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your advice and the info on PC Medic that I will find and see
if I can use to read the cartridge.
Now, either I didn't make myself clear or you misunderstood me. It's not that
I do not have acces to the driver or tape. DTA does locate it and I do have a
G:\ letter mapped, the problem is that DTA tries to mount the cartridge to read
the header file and if fails giving me the answer: Unreadable, that is, it did reach
the tape but couldn't find its contents. For some reason, the header file in the
cartridge has become unavailable. The question is if there's any procedure that
can deal with it and put it back in order. Otherwise I will have to send the cartridge
to some Lab for a recovery of data.

Yes PC Medic will find your files. It treats all files individually. It see all files on the tape and acts like they are on a hard drive. You can even run programs off the tape-but this is slow and not recomended. No need to find the header. It gives you a list that you can pick and choose from. If you want to send me your e-mail - I think I have a demo copy you can use. (my mail)
BobyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your advice. I have just got a copy of PC Medic that
I am going to install today. I only hope that PC Medic will be able
to read the cartridge and I will be able to transfer the files to Hard Disk
and format the tape. I have placed the cartridge for a third time but
DTA reported again: Unreadable.  
I will let you know.
My e-mail address is:
Pleas keep in touch in case I need to ask you something else.
BobyAuthor Commented:

I downloaded PC Medic from Mccaffee. I installed the program and looked for
a feature that can read removable tapes but found NONE. I am afraid the version
I downloaded from their FTP doesn't have the mounting function. This maybe the reason
I couldn't find anything for tape mounting in its interface. Could you provide me this
feature ? If so, could you send me just this as an add-on to the program or does it
have to be the whole program again installed together with this feature ?
In case you decide to send me your version, please let me know before so I'll
be ready to download it when I check e-mail and also the sort of file you maybe sending
me. Otherwise, if you cannot send me, I'll appreciate your telling me where I can download the feature from. I am sending you this to your address too.
Thanks for all your help.
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