How to get m_hWnd after calling WinExec

I am developing software using MS Pen Services 2.0. It comes with an executable that creates a window for handwriting input (WRITEPAL.EXE). I would like to use WinExec to start WRITEPAL.EXE, then get the m_hWnd for the WRITEPAL window so that I can trap messages going to and from it. I only have the executable; no source code and no documentation on how to use the executable.

1. Is this possible?
2. If it is possible, how do I do it?

(I will increase the number of points if somebody can tell me how to do this)
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One method would be to use the ::FindWindow function as follows where "xyz" is the title bar text of the application.

HWND hwnd = ::FindWindow(NULL, "xyz");

Here's a very simple example of locating Notepad (I don't have pen support installed), attaching a CWnd object to it and calling a CWnd member function.

HWND hwnd;
if (NULL != (hwnd = ::FindWindow(NULL, "Untitled - Notepad")))
 CWnd wnd;
 if (wnd.Attach(hwnd))
 AfxMessageBox("Notepad not found");



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hornAuthor Commented:
It did help. I'm sorry I took so long to grade it; I kind of
forgot about it because I had finals these last two weeks.

No problem! I'm glad I was able to help.

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