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Hello Experts-Exchange! At the very bottom of this is the question. The rest is so you will understand the question in which I have added some examples of my problem:

I use earthlink as my ISP. Netscape 4.05a is my browser and this question is related to newsgroup postings.  The message that I try to post on a newsgroup "does post", but is not sent out to other news hubs which ultimately means the message can only be viewed by the participants for that local news hub.  The way you can tell if the message is being posted to multiple news hubs is by the "Path"(which is seen in the header section of the message that is posted on a particular newsgroup.)

Other individuals using Netscape collabra to view and send messages to newsgroups that have only one ISP; (earthlink, sprint, gte, etc), usually post a message that can be seen by millions due to the posting is forwarded to multiple news hubs. This is verified I believe by the "PATH".

My question is, how do I get my posting of a message on a newsgroup to post on many different news hubs by sending one message?  (Like other people do)

My Header Section Along With The PATH Looks Like This:

From: <my name>
Newsgroups: alt.test
Subject: <subjectt>
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 13:53:56 -0700
Lines: 2
Message-ID: <>
Mime-Version: 1.0
 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.05 [en] (Win95; U)
And the content of the letter is here
Another Persons Header Along With The PATH Looks Like This:

From: "name" <>
Newsgroups: alt.culture.turkish.azerbaijan
Subject: Taze Kan Aranmaktadir
Date: 11 May 1998 18:19:16 GMT
Organization: BT Internet
Lines: 97
Message-ID: <01bd7d09$0f8cb820$253363c3@default>
X-Newsreader: Microsoft Internet News 4.70.1161
Xref: 433 alt.culture.turkish.azerbaijan
And the content of the letter is here

The "Path" I believe is the key in explaining which news hubs your message has been posted in.

My question is, how do I get my posting of a message on a newsgroup to post on many different news hubs by sending one message???
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I would suggest calling Earthlink and asking them if they are sending you a locked feed. Some isp's have a private feed for only their members (this is keep prying eyes away from details concerning their operation).They send newsgroups that deal with sensitive subject matter. Ask them if your account is stuck in this faze. You should be able to post with Netscape with NO problems. You shouldn't need any special syntax just to post to all major newsgroups. If they don't comply- threaten to dump them for a real provider.
The other solution could be a problem with Netscape. If you don't mind uninstalling and reinstalling this might do the trick. Try outlook express and see if the same trouble occurs.
tman051298Author Commented:
I have already called earthlink and they will not comply, meaning they tell me their system
 will post to all news hubs, (which i believe they will not tell me what's going on with their system) Also, i have recently upgraded my netscape to  4.05a and everything works just fine.  As to airbirds answer, i believe that it is good but i have already "been there/done that"  and was looking for an answer more along the lines of manipulating the settings in order to post on news hubs that i choose or at the very least, post on all news hubs globaly. Any additional help will be greatly appreciated!
thank you
Are you sure that your posting is not being replicated to other news servers? This is automatic on any news server I've ever heard of. There is no reason for any ISP to limit your posting to a USENET news group to their single server. Just because you only see earthlink in the PATH for your posting does not necessarily mean it's not posted elsewhere. The other path may be the path that user's posting traveled to get to Earthlinks NNTP (news) server. (Your posting's IP address indicates a UUNET NNTP server in Los Angeles, BTW, while the other message was posted by someone on, or British Telecom in the UK.)

Try a test posting requesting verification via email from other non-earthlink subscribers that they can read your message, or send email to another subscriber and ask them to verify that one of your postings is readable from his NNTP server.
tman051298Author Commented:
I have tried test postings in the very begining trying to verify the post and a friend in Texas and a friend in Europe have both searched for my postings in multiple newsgroups that i had posted on but could not find any of my postings.
"btphelps" answer is average and informative but i used his suggestion long ago to determine if there really was a problem.
I continue my search for the answer and any of your help and suggestions is greatly appreciated!
thanks! tman

  This is an ISP problem, NOT a Netscape problem.Earthlink may
have had/is having newsfeed problems that prevent your postings
from being propagated.If you post a message in alt.test, and do
NOT use the word "ignore" anywhere in your message, you should
automatically recieve an automated reply from at least 1 source
out there, confirming your post, and telling you how many hours
it took to propagate to their server.Your "path" is short because
when you look at your own posting, on Earthlink`s server, your
message, did, in fact, only have to travel directly to Earthlinks
server.If someone else in say, Australia were to dial in to their
ISP and see your message, rest assured, your "path" at THAT point
will be quite long;-)Another factor is the expire-time for posts
in alt.test on Earthlink`s newsserver...if the expiry time is
short, AND they are having problems, it is quite possible that
your message doesn`t make it out the door in time for Earthlink
to fix the problem.The fact that you CAN post, and can SEE your
OWN post, eliminates the possibility that the problem is on your
end! It`s an "Earthlink" problem ,NOT a "Tman" problem.

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