How to create shortcuts

How do I create a shortcut on the Win95 or NT desktop with Delphi3 and a menu item in the Start menu with Delphi coding, because I am busy writing a customized installation program for one of my systems.
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Here are functions to get the Start Menu folder and the desktop folder:

function GetSpecialPath(nFolder: Integer): string;
// nFolder is one of the CSIDL_... constants in ShlObj.
      pidlDTop: PItemIDList;
      SpecialPath: array[0..MAX_PATH - 1] of Byte;
      pMalloc: IMalloc;
      SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(0, nFolder, pidlDTop);
      SHGetPathFromIDList(pidlDTop, @SpecialPath);
      Result := BackSlash(string(PChar(@SpecialPath)));

E.g. StartMenuPath := GetSpecialPath(CSIDL_COMMON_STARTMENU);

Here is a function to create a shortcut:
(You may need to include 1/more of the following in your uses clause.  ComObj, ShlObj, ActiveX.  I forget which are specificially necessary.)

      IID_IPersistFile: TGUID = (D1:$0000010B;D2:$0000;D3:$0000;D4:($C0,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$46));

function CreateShortcut(LinkDescrip, LinkPath, LinkIcoFile, TargetFile, TargetArgs, TargetWorkDir: string; LinkIcoIx: Integer; LinkHotKey: Word): Boolean;
// Every param can be blank or zero except TargetFile.
      DuplCount: Integer;
      hRes: HRESULT;
      NewLinkDescrip: string;
      pShellLink: IShellLink;
      pPersistFile: IPersistFile;
      wPath: array[0..MAX_PATH - 1] of WideChar;
      Result := False;
      hRes := CoCreateInstance(CLSID_ShellLink, nil, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IShellLinkA, pShellLink);
      if (hRes = S_OK) then
                  // If shortcut path is blank, make it the Desktop Path.
                  if (LinkPath = '') then
                        LinkPath := GetSpecialPath(CSIDL_DESKTOP)
                        LinkPath := BackSlash(LinkPath);

                  // If shortcut descrip is blank, create one.
                  if (LinkDescrip = '') then
                        LinkDescrip := 'Shortcut to ' + ExtractFilename(TargetFile);

                  // If target path is blank, start in target file's path.
                  if (TargetWorkDir = '') then
                        TargetWorkDir := ExtractFilePath(TargetFile);

                  // Get unique shortcut file name.
                  NewLinkDescrip := LinkDescrip;
                  DuplCount := 1;
                  while (FileExists(LinkPath + NewLinkDescrip + '.lnk')) do
                              NewLinkDescrip := LinkDescrip + ' (' + IntToStr(DuplCount) + ')';
                  LinkDescrip := NewLinkDescrip;

                  // Set shortcut icon & hotkey.
                  if (LinkIcoFile = '') then
                        LinkIcoFile := TargetFile;
                  pShellLink.SetIconLocation(PChar(LinkIcoFile), LinkIcoIx);

                  // Set shortcut target info.
                  if (TargetWorkDir = '') then
                        TargetWorkDir := ExtractFilePath(TargetWorkDir);

                  // Save the shortcut.
                  hRes := pShellLink.QueryInterface(IID_IPersistFile, pPersistFile);
                  if (hRes = S_OK) then
                              MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, PChar(LinkPath + LinkDescrip + '.lnk'), -1, wPath, MAX_PATH);
                              hres := pPersistFile.Save(wPath, True);
                              Result := (hRes = S_OK);

The rest I leave up to you.  ;-)


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Mmm...  Sorry about the loss of indentation in the code.  It was fine when I posted it...

michaueAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much.  It work great!

I will definately use this fascility again ...
Not bad, but does it work if the user installs to a different directory?

Stef MerlijnDeveloperCommented:

This function look very good. So I tried to get it working.
But... "BackSlash" isn't recognized by Delphi, so I guess it's an function created by someone (maybe JimBob).

    if (LinkPath = '') then
      LinkPath := GetSpecialPath(CSIDL_DESKTOP)
      LinkPath := BackSlash(LinkPath);

Can anybody give me the code for BackSlash?

Thanks a lot,
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