Animated GIFS and QT movies stop loading when using onclick, why?

I have a page that plays Qt movies for streaming video and audio and I also have animated GIFS on my pages. When I use this to display a status msg:
<a href="#" onMouseOver="MM_displayStatusMsg('Where?');return document.MM_returnValue"><img src="images/5a.GIF" width="70" height="70" border="0"></a>
(created in Dreamweaver), when the user clicks the image all animated GIFS stop looping (they freeze at current frame) and QT movies stop downloading, which really ruins the dynamics of the page. Reloading the page will start everything from the beginning. How can I fix this? Viewing in Netscape 4.05 for PowerPC (Mac). Thanks!
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TypoErrorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If all you need to do is to view a message in the status bar, you don't need to use the
anchor at all. Instead, you could do this:

<IMG SRC="images/5a.GIF"
OnMouseOver="MM_displayStatusMsg('Where?'); return document.MM_returnValue";
OnMouseOut="status=defaultStatus"; WIDTH=70 HEIGHT=70 ALT="">

If I misunderstood something, my apologies.

- TypoError
deal051298Author Commented:
Edited text of question
Please try: href="javascript:void(0)", instead of href="#". This is supposed to avoid side effects when users click on the link.

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deal051298Author Commented:
Thanks Julio but it still doesn't work. I'm now trying <a HREF="#" onmouseover="window.status='?';
return true"> with the same problem. What I want is the GIFs to continue playing, the stream to continue downloading whether I do nothing with the link (as above) or use it to open a new window (and url) or whatever. It seems that the script above will stop all downloading and other activity on my browser (NN4.05 Mac).
well, testing would mean going through a lot of trouble (for me), but try this:
<a href="whatever" onmouseover="..." onclick="return false;"><img ....></a>

That should keep Netscape from following the link (well, it does) - the question is if it aborts "the link" early enough to keep everything else going... it should!

Tell me if that helped!
well, you didn't really misunderstand the question... just JavaScript - unfortunately (and hard to understand), the "image" object does NOT have a "mouseover" handler, which is a real pain!

deal?? Have you tried my suggestion? I don't know if it works because I don't have any Quicktime movies to try, but it's well worth a shot... let me know...
deal051298Author Commented:
Thanks TypoError, but Holger actually solved my problem. Too bad, he should have put it as an answer and he would've got the points. Anyway, thanks all.
deal and especially Holger: I am willing to cut a deal here (sorry for the word-play hehe).

Since Holger had the right answer to your question, I will post a 'null' question here, in the Javascript section, worth the same (was it 150 points?) amount.

deal: I want you to grade Holger's answer to your question and once Holger has answered the 'null' question I post, I will grant him the points, according to the grade you give for his answer. I just want to be fair.

- TypoError
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