Unzipping .JAR

I use Netscape 4.04 and want to update this browser to 4.05.  Netscape's ftp's site allows me to do this, but the download file is a .JAR    I have never unzipped a JAR file
and don't know what utility needs to be used.  My primary unzipping utility is Zip-It from Quarterdeck. JAR files aren't specified in the manual.  I have run on a Web search on this topic and am checking in here for another opinion.
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I think you mean ARJ files. Winzip will do this for you easy. Winzip is easily downloaded from the Internet. If you can't find the sight let me know and I will give you an address.

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winzip is also just a front end to the DOS ARJ, but he will have to locate the registered version of that on the net, too.

thats not difficult. Reject my answer if you want but you will find winzip a far more useful and versatile utility.
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Hi, Endless

.jar files R an old news, U cant unzip them, but U can unjar:)
Download here:

Current release for US users only (primary site)

Current release for US users only (secondary site)

Current release for international users only (primary site)

Current release for international users only (secondary site)

Regards, Happy1

some further information for you.

WinZip requires external programs while working with ARC, ARJ, and LHA files. In the tables below, information about these files and their locations is current as of June 1996.
You can download the external programs used by WinZip from CompuServe's IBMSYS forum, library 6 (the File Utilities library). The CompuServe filenames are:
   arc    ARC-E.COM (required to work with ARC files in WinZip)
   arc    ARC-E.DOC (not required but good to have)
   arj    ARJ250A.EXE (self-extracting archive)
   lha    LHA213.EXE (self-extracting archive)
   zip    PK204G.EXE (self-extracting archive)
You can obtain ARJ, LHA, and PKZIP from the following Internet sites (among others). ftp.coast.net is the main mirror site for the SimTel software repository. Most of the other sites are mirrors of this site. Please note the upper/lower case format of some directory names -- you may need to respect the case of directory names if you login to one of these sites.
You can gain access to an ftp site by using a URL of ftp://sitename (e.g., ftp://ftp.coast.net).

   Site names             Directory                      File name

   ftp.coast.net          SimTel/msdos/archiver          arce41a.zip
                          SimTel/msdos/zip               pkz204g.exe

   oak.oakland.edu        pub/simtelnet/msdos/arcers     arce40g.zip

   nic.funet.fi           pub/msdos/Simtel/arcers        arce40g.zip
Many web sites will also have some or all of these programs.
Note: Like WinZip, PKZIP/PKUNZIP and ARJ are not free software. As with all Shareware, if you use these programs you should register them with the appropriate vendor. The ARC-E and LHA programs are free.
For instructions on using WinZip with these programs please see the section titled "Installing Optional External Programs" in the WinZip online help. Briefly, if the file is a self-extracting archive you have to run it to extract the files. Then, select "Program Locations" from WinZip's Options pull-down menu, and type in the full path if necessary. For example, if LHA.EXE is in C:\UTILITY, specify

I am totally confused!

I wanted to save time downloading the update to Netscape 4.04
by using a JAR file from Netscape's ftp site.  Now stevemiller tells me that Netscape's JAVA upgrader doesn't work right. I'd like to know why this is the case. stevemiller suggests one of two download html files.  Now I need to check out the advantages of the professional version....

Thank you the_whelk for giving me this information regarding ARJ files.  My original question pertained to JAR files.  Are you telling me these are the same things?  Happy1's respponse seems to indicate that these might be two different file formats.

WinZip might require an external program to extract files in ARJ archives, but I suspect that users of Zip-It from Quarterdeck don't.  Still, I've never tested this assumption.

Thank you for the helpful information.  I've learned some useful things from everyone who posted to this thread!
endlessAuthor Commented:
I believe that ARJ and JAR are the same just some confusion in the naming of the type of files. I use Winzip a lot and it is a very good utilty.

Thanks for the points.

I think I must explain my comment, because I'm confused too.
First little history, as I said JAR files are an old news.
I posted here links to JAR prg, which is a pure archiver from
Robert K. Jung (yes, he is the author of popular ARJ archiver)
or ARJ Software, Inc.
This archiver is not too popular as others, because of competition
on market, there not yet GUI for this prg, no international versions,
no self extracting features, only PC version, etc...
 Also ARJ and JAR prgs have similar commands and functions
but they cannot process one another's archives
(i.e. JAR is not archive compatible with ARJ).

Now I must say, that when I saw your ".. but the file is a .JAR. 
I have never unzipped a JAR file.." I was thinking your .JAR was a typo-
and there must be .J extension as for JAR files from  ARJ Software.

Now I'm not so sure and first because I'm not using Netscape.
I'm confused, because there on the market was another "JAR files" prg!
This prg is also not new (was introduced in Sun Microsystem's Java
JDK 1.1 in the first quarter of 1997). This JAR format (or Java
ARchive) are also an "archives", but more specific.

Yes, this prg will produce files with extension .JAR, but they
used mostly by Java programmers for packaging and distributing
Java applets. And yes, I saw already several times Java applets
which was distributed via JAR files. U can unJAR them with Sun’s
JAR utility or 3rd party prg, like JZipper, but U don't need to, because browsers, other prg (applet viewers) will handle them automatically.  

There is many great benefits for packaging applets in JAR format,
like performance improvements, enhanced portability, many others..
and JAR files will soon become the standard, preferred way to
distribute Java applets.

If U need more technical data  let me know.
And here's a reason for my confusion: applets are mostly a small
Java prgs, in many cases they are in JAR uncompressed, similar
to uncompressed ZIP file - classes.zip in JDK 1.0.
I cant understand - Netscape begin distribute own
upgrades thru this Sun’s JAR format?? Why??
Only for proving usefulness their own SmartUpdate feature??

BTW, if this is the case - U must have Java, JavaScript, and AutoInstall enabled. You can set this in the "Advanced" section of the Preferences dialog (under the Edit menu).
Or just use Steve's method, as he said he is also a Netscape user.

Sorry, for maybe additional confusion
Regards, Happy1

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