Simple TrackPopupMenu

I have this problem : When I call TrackPopupMenu , the popup menu is displayed , but it is not "shown" , I mean it shows only something like a simple vertical Bar . I can see that it captures the mouse messages , and when I select a popup menu ( inside the menu ) , it is activated correctly

Any help ? Thanks
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Are there items in the menu?  It might be that it is displaying a menu with zero menu items.  Can you use GetMenuItemCount() to confirm that there are menu items?
WxWAuthor Commented:
Sure there are items , because this menu is taken by LoadMenu from a resource , and anyway , I CAN select and execute the menu commands , I just can't see them ! Think that there is a bar , about the half size of a scroll bar .
The menu has to be a popup submenu.

Given that:

    hwnd = the window handle
    hinst = the application instance
    hmenu = LoadMenu(hinst, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDR_MENU)) or similar

Here's a code that works for me:

    TrackPopupMenuEx(GetSubMenu(hmenu), TPM_HORIZONTAL, pos.x, pos.y, hwnd, NULL);
    PostMessage(hwnd, WM_NULL, 0, 0);

And the menu is:

        POPUP "Menu"
            MENUITEM "About",                       IDM_ABOUT
            MENUITEM "Exit",                        IDM_EXIT

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WxWAuthor Commented:
Yes thanks alexo , that was the problem . I was trying not to use a submenu , but rather a menu from a resource .
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