dBASE - Expression index (how to create)

Hi all,

I have used a dBASE expression index many times.  You just create it using DBDesktop.. No sweat.

I want to create one programmatically now.  On the surface it would seem pretty easy:

  WITH FieldDefs DO BEGIN     {create the fields}
     Add( 'CENTER', ftString, 6, FALSE );
     Add( 'POSITION', ftString, 4, FALSE );
     Add( 'NAME', ftString, 4, FALSE );
  WITH IndexDefs DO BEGIN    {create the indexes}
     Add( 'IDX_CENTER', 'CENTER', [] );
     Add( 'IDX_POS', 'POSITION', [] );
     Add( 'IDX_BOTH', 'CENTER+POSITION', [ixExpression] );

The 'Idx_Both' index should be created as an expression index, however it croaks as being invalid when I run.  I can create the identical index in DBDesktop and it works just fine.  The first two indexes work of course.

This must be some kind of syntax error in specifying the index.  So, what am I doing wrong.

Ian C.

PS:  Yeh I know, no such word as indexes (indecies?)
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jturpinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using a TTable component simply say:


icampbe1Author Commented:
Hi John,

Thanks for taking the time.  What's the difference between using the 'add' method of IndexDefs and unsing the AddIndex method of the TTable object?

 As my question shows, I use IndexDefs.Add successfully for all non-expression indexes.  Does TTable.AddIndex work the same for non-expression indexes as it does for expression indexes?  Will the index be permanent (in the underlying table definition)?

It is still a bit cloudy to me.  I'll be happy to give you full grades if you can help clarify this for me.

Ian C.
I am not sure if there is any difference between
the two. Maybe TTable.AddIndex does some additional
processing before it calls IndexDefs.Add

Yes, TTable.AddIndex works the same for non-expression
indexes as it does for expression indexes.

Yes, the index is permanent (in the underlying table

I hope this helps.

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icampbe1Author Commented:
OK John,  There is a difference that I found.  It seems that the AddIndex method requires that the table must already exist.  The  Fieldefs.Add is used to build the original structure.  It would seem to me that they should both be the same.  Anyhow, thats the difference.  Thanks for your help.

Ian C.

PS:  Do you know how to create a dBASE 'Filter Index'?  I don't know where that would be done.

When I need a subset of a dataset, I
usually clone the table and append the
records I need into the clone. Then
I process the much smaller clone set.
Works kind of like SQL.

icampbe1Author Commented:
I've done that as well.  I'm curious, do you know how I can create a dBASE filter type of index?  Once again, I can do it with DBDesktop but can't do it with a TTable.   Just wondering.

No I don't. But I will look around.

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