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I hope this question isn't too off topic, but I really want it answered.  I have a page for a computer game I am making.  I want people to come to the webpage so that some people might help me with the game.  I've been advertising it all over the internet, but I don't get more that 1 or 2 people coming to it a day.  Are there any pages on the Internet that might be good pages to advertise on for a game under development page?
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look at
for website promotion tips.

1.Targeted Banner Ads
2. Targeted Email
3. Imbebed into your META tags identifiers specific requests.
4. Sweepstakes
If you want more specific info, email me.
trollmanAuthor Commented:
While that is a very good answer for general web promoting, I have already done a lot of general web promoting.  What I am looking for is sites that would help a games under development site get more people.

P.S.  That was an awesome site you sent, sybe!  It has a lot of information that was very helpful to me.
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Do a search on

game program develop

Using AltaVista, and see what kind of pages you might find.  At that point, if you find any good ones, you might email the author asking them to put a link to your page.
you are welcome, trollman, guess there's more answers there then anyone can give here.
Try . Banner ads on popular game sites work best, but cost $$.
try to get a mutual links with other games site

maybe you can have a talk and both parties benefit from the cross-links...
Try some of these: (recommend it)

If you need any more E-mail me

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