Untyped var parameters

A function declares a formal parameter as untyped var:
  function Read(var buffer; ...)

If I pass a string variable to it, it doesn't work. I even tried presetting SetLength. What is the correct way to pass a string to the above paramter?

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Hi skanade,

I don't understand you correclty : shouldn't it be :  function Read(var buffer: string; ...)

skanadeAuthor Commented:
Hi ZiF,

That's what an 'untyped' parameter is. There is no type spec. Here is an example of BlockRead from Delphi:

procedure BlockRead(var F: File; var Buf; Count: Integer [; var AmtTransferred: Integer]);

The second parameter is untyped. That's where a string passed doesn't seem to work. I tried all sorts of conversions, PChar, Pointer, etc.

Did you type cast the untyped parameter in the function?

Here is an example:

procedure test( var src);
  showmessage( string( src));

IMHO you should try to use the Type-Safe Open Arrays
(array of const) as parameter because it is safer.


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skanadeAuthor Commented:
>>Did you type cast the untyped parameter in the function?

It's not my own function so I have no control. I am trying to use BlockWrite from the library which uses the untypted parameter. Please see BlockWrite from Delphi help.

I have tried sending PChar typecase and even tried SetLength before sending. But the value of the string never reaches the file. If I send from a zero-based array of characters, it works. What I want is to somehow get strings to it without allocating arrays of huge length.

skanadeAuthor Commented:
Anyway, I found the answer on my own after some experimentation. I need to pass it as

to the BlockWrite function's buffer untyped parameter. For BlockRead, I am reading it into dynamically allocated memory in a PChar pointer by P^.

Hi all,
didn't know about this feature, never needed such a thing and then again, why not using a variant type?

c.U. Zif.
Hi Zif,
a variant is a high-level type that can be any type, but also stores its type information. An untyped parameter is low-level, in fact just a pointer to the memory a variable allocates. Thus, PChar(MyString)^ does the trick.

Thanks d003303, now I understand it.
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