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Collapsing List's in FrontPage 98

Posted on 1998-05-15
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
Does this feature work in FrontPage98?? I have messed with it for a while
now and cant see how it possibly could from the javascript it inserts. I
built an <UL> with 3 <LI> 's then set the "enable collapsing list" checkbox
in the properties, then ran it, nothing but the sound of my mouse clicking
away...whats up with that?? Any help is always appreciated......

Question by:jcorbin
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1 Comment

Accepted Solution

webgeek051598 earned 400 total points
ID: 1856336
Collapsing is for nested lists, as in the following (be sure you enable that option after you've created the nesting list, it didn't stick when I did that first testing this). In IE 4 view this, and click on Item 1, it will open and close the sub list with Item 1a.


<title>Home Page</title>
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" FPTYPE="dynamicoutline">
  // If you want to change this script, you must also make the following
  // changes so that FrontPage will not overwrite your new script.
  // In the script tag, change type="dynamicoutline" to type="mydynamicoutline"
  // In function dynOutlineEnabled, change "dynamicoutline" to "mydynamicoutline"
  // Throughout the HTML content, change dynamicoutline to mydynamicoutline
  // Change function dynOutline to function mydynOutline in the script
  // In the body tag, change onclick="dynOutline()" to onclick="mydynOutline()"
  function getControlTag(src)
    TRok = false
    while ("HTML" != src.tagName)
      if ("IMG" == src.tagName || "FONT" == src.tagName || "A" == src.tagName)
        TRok = true
      if ("LI" == src.tagName)
        return src
      if ("TR" == src.tagName)
          return src
        return null
      src = src.parentElement
    return null
  function dynOutlineEnabled(src)
    while ("HTML" != src.tagName)
      if("OL" == src.tagName || "UL" == src.tagName || "TABLE" == src.tagName)
        if(null != src.getAttribute("dynamicoutline", false))
          return true
      src = src.parentElement
    return false
  function containedIn(src, dest)
    while ("HTML" != src.tagName)
      if (src == dest)
        return true
      src = src.parentElement
    return false
  function dynOutline()
    var ms = navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE");
    ie4 = (ms>0) && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion.substring(ms+5, ms+6)) >= 4);
    var src = event.srcElement
    src = getControlTag(src)
    if (null == src)
    if (!dynOutlineEnabled(src))
    var idx = src.sourceIndex+1
    while (idx < document.all.length && containedIn(document.all[idx].parentElement, src))
      srcTmp = document.all[idx]
      tag = srcTmp.tagName
      if ("UL" == tag || "OL" == tag || "TABLE" == tag)
        srcTmp.style.display = srcTmp.style.display == "none" ? "" : "none"

<body onclick="dynOutline()">

<ul dynamicoutline>
  <li>Item 1 <ul>
      <li>Item 1 a</li>
  <li>Item 2</li>
  <li>Item 3</li>


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