[HELP] Linux as NT gate?

My network topo. is showed below:A----------------LINUX------------------B
A net and B net are connected with a LINUX box.
At the very beginning, the gateway machine is installed a Novell server, or
a NT machine. (there is Novell server in B) in both condition the network
gate works well. A can see all B's in Network Neighborhood, including the
 Noverll server, of course all A and B NT's is in the same domain. For some
reason I want to install a linux to take the role. I add IP forwarding and
IPX(using ipxripd). Now the situation is:
IP forwarding is done well, A can ping B and B can ping A.
IPX route seems good, except some minor problem. In A's neighborhood, A can
see the Novell server in B, and can login in.
The problem is: A can't see any NT's in B, and vice versa.
What can I do? what software can do such work, how can I get it, or someHOWTO?
Any suggestion will be appreciated, thanks!
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seifriedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a common problem with Microsoft networks. Microsoft products advertise themselves (hello, I'm server1, and I'm sharing cdrom and d-drive tonight) by broadcast packets by default. Broadcast packets are rarely routed over network routers (like your linux box) so 2 solution are possible, one enable the Linux box to forward broadcasts (which will result
in increased network traffic and quite a bit of hassle setting up the linux box) or more simpler: Install and use WINS.
WINS was designed for problems like this. You install the WINS server, and a backup if you wish, on NT server, and configure all your clients to talk to it, they register on bootup, and when they need information about the network (ie when you open up network neighbourhood) they query the WINS server for the info.
To install WINS on NT:
click on start-settings-control panel-network, choose the services tab, click on add, then choose "Windows internet Naming Service". Install it, reboot, reinstall any service packs, reboot, one you are done it's up.
Now you have to configure your clients to use it:
In Win95 click on start-settings-control panel-network, chose TCP-IP for the appropriate network adaptor, and click on the WINS Configuration tab, choose enable WINS, and enter the IPs of your WINS server(s). If you use DHCP simply choose enable WINS, and add the WINS server information to the DHCP server, if in future you change the WINS server/etc you will have a lot less
work to do.
In NT to install the WINS client click on start-settings-control
panel-network, choose the protocols tab, TCP-IP, and goto WINS Address tab, select the appropriate network adaptor and enter the IPs of your WINS server(s).
Now machines on both subnets will register themselves with the WINS server, and anyone needing network info (ie network neighbour hood, or typing "\\servername" will query the WINS server(s) for the information, receive it and off they go.


1.)  You can make the Linux box the Domain master by using the Samba suite of software.

2.)  Run Wins server on one NT machine, and create a domain master (on NT) in each segment of the network.
pearlzhAuthor Commented:
I tryied your proposal. It works well.
In squint's solution no.2, he mentioned to set NT server for
each segment. But we don't do that.
How does it work when we choose Novell server as the gateway?
Does Novell server broadcast the packets? And which OSI layer
is the broadcast?

I set the question 200 points when I was a newbie and didn't understand its meaning. Can you give me another points to answer some questions?
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