Subnet Mask address...

HI: I am trying to figure out the subnet mask address for my network...  our network IPs are between 33 to 62

and everything else in that network are not ours and must be excluded.  What should I use as our subnet mask?
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256 - (62 - 33)

There ya go.. hope this helps :-)
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Actually, the mask is

I used as an example Class C address

Here are your subnets

Subnet           Hosts            Hosts            Broadcast
Address          From             To               Address

Don't use subnet 0 (unless using ip subnet-zero command) and subnet 7.
Address space wasted by subnetting =  29.13% ( 17.32% with ip subnet-zero)
SiegerAuthor Commented:
Sindred, the table is very helpful.  but for what I saw there.. the seems
exactly what I wanted.. isn't it the one rather than
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SiegerAuthor Commented:
oops I am sorry.. I don't know what the heck i was talking about :)

SiegerAuthor Commented:
What I wanna say is am I supposed to define as my network if the addresses ranged from to rather than
I'll tell you this much: the first part WILL BE

Now, secondly.. did the list of IPs that you gave me include the router and broadcast address? If so, then the SUBNETMASK should be
255.255.227.. if not then the 255.255.224 will be correct.
let me know
SiegerAuthor Commented:
alright.. 33 is the route, 62 is the last IP I can assign to a machine.. so 63 is the boardcast..
That is the subnet you are using. You are using a Class C IP address of in this example.

The subnet mask is

If you are using -, those are the available IP addresses on subnet or network, your broadcast address is

This mask creates six seperate usable subnets with 30 hosts on each.

When seting up a PC or other host, use one of the thirty addresses. When documenting your network, refer tp this as subnet/network

Does this help ???
SiegerAuthor Commented:
sindred please answer the Q so I can give you credit..  jLove1, thanks for you help too but I think Sindred got a slightly better answer....
jlove1 : If you ever get to work as a subnet mask, you will have invented an entirely new version of TCP/IP which I am sure everyone will be interested to learn about. Until then, that mask will never work.

Any address within that address range could be the router address, it does not have to be the first address in the subnet.

x.x.x.63 is your broadcast address
OK, Thanks.

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