Delphi 3:internal error

On some projects in delphi 3 happens the following:
compilation and execution is ok, no errors.
When closing delphi then some error messages appear
(internal error URW 376), External Exception in Modul KERNEL32.DLL and at the end EAccessviolation in
VCL30.DPL. This is under WIN95
Under WIN NT4.0 delphi doesnt close of course of the error
messages and i have to shut down the pc.
What is the reason ???
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try copying a new vcl30.dpl into your \windows\system folder

titzAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
titzAuthor Commented:
The copying of a new VCL30.dpl doesnt nothing change.
I have added in my question that before the VCL30.DPL message appears, then message External Exception in MOdul KERNEL32.DLL appears.
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is this an ActiveX application?
You recently installed a package component that uses the vcl30 package (almost any comp/package) and it has some sort of bug. i.e. something in initialization/finalization of one of the units.

This is usually caused by components which do a lot of stuff with the delphi IDE or using experts of some sort.

Either learn to live with it, or remove those packages/ components.
titzAuthor Commented:
I did not install any package except those from Borlands delphi 3
CD. Only Microsofts directX5 was installed but it was not in use till now.
The project is not an ActiveX application.
But it has many units (about 30) and most of them do not contain

You have found a bug in the Delphi 3.0 IDE!  You have probably used the Find in Files facility.  Hope Borland corrects it in their next release.

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