HEX number conversion?

I am trying to convert a scalar variable into a HEX number without success. For example:
$num = 254.6; #Some number
$num = sprintf("%.0f",$num); #Round off the number
... # Now how do I get $num == "FF" ?

Thanks in advance - Eric
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Erick37Author Commented:
Ok, well now I feel dumb... If you want the points, ozo, post it as a proposed answer.
Erick37Author Commented:
Another HEX question:
How do you test raw binary data read from a file without resorting to crytic characters as in the example below?  I would like my code more readable and not have to look up the character codes for the HEX numbers.

#Look for Graphic Control Extension 0x21
if ($temp =~ /^!/) {
    read(FILE, $temp, 1);  #See what kind of extension it is.
    if ($temp =~ /^ù/) {  #Graphic Control label 0xFE
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if( $temp =~ /^\x21/ ){
  if( substr($temp,0,1) eq "\xFE"  ){ #but isn't 'ù' eq "\xF9"  and 'þ' eq "\fe" ?
Erick37Author Commented:
Thanks again ozo... geez my books are bad!
And you are right 0xFE is 'þ', the error was in my comment, I was testing for 0xF9 (now you can see why I need to use the hex value directly!)

Erick37Author Commented:
OK - here's another one: (I'm tryin' hard to give away these points)
I plugged in the code you suggested:
$num=sprintf'%X',$num; #convert a number to hex
and it works fine except I need a byte returned, when $num is less than 16.5 I get "F" when I want "0F"

Other than testing for this condition in an 'if' block, can sprintf return formatted hex numbers of a specific length?
Suppose I want "000F" for example.
Even if your books are bad you should have
perldoc perlfunc
perldoc perlre
etc. installed with your perl

#another method:
$num = uc unpack'H2',pack'C',sprintf"%.f",$num;
$num = uc unpack'H4',pack'n',sprintf"%.f",$num;


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Erick37Author Commented:
Thanks ozo:
Both methods you provided work perfectly.

Now it's time to browse the perldocs I guess.
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