Share a folder in VB

How can I programmatically share a folder, including rights and password, from VB?
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I post the code once again.

'=====General Declaration======
Private Type Share_Info_50
    shi50_netname As String * 13
    shi50_type As Byte
    shi50_flags As Integer
    shi50_remark As String
    shi50_path As String
    shi50_rw_pssword As String * 9
    shi50_ro_password As String * 9
End Type

Public Const SHI50F_RDONLY = &H1
Public Const SHI50F_FULL = &H2
Public Const SHI50F_PERSIST = &H100
Public Const SHI50F_SYSTEM = &H200
Public Const STYPE_DISKTREE = 0
Public Const SHI_USES_UNLIMITED = 31

Private Declare Function NetShareAdd Lib "Svrapi.dll" _
    (ByVal Server As String, _
     ByVal Level As Long, _
     si As Share_Info_50, _
     ByVal Length As Long) As Long

'======Function to share directory========
Public Function Share(ByVal lpShareName As String, _
                      ByVal lpPath As String, _
                      ByVal lpRemark As String, _
                      ByVal lpPassword As String) As Long
   Dim lRtn As Long
   Dim lLen as Long
   Dim si50 As Share_Info_50
   si50.shi50_netname = lpShareName + vbNullChar
   si50.shi50_type = STYPE_DISKTREE
   si50.shi50_remark = lpRemark + vbNullChar
   si50.shi50_path = UCase(lpPath) + vbNullChar
   si50.shi50_ro_password = lpPassword + vbNullChar
   si50.shi50_rw_pssword = lpPassword + vbNullChar
   si50.shi50_flags = SHI50F_PERSIST Or SHI50F_FULL
   lLen = Len(si50)
   lRtn = NetShareAdd(vbNullString, 50, si50, lLen)
   if lRtn <> 0 then debug.print "Failed to share folder"
End Function

Hope this help.


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