When I use the signon method of a MAPISESSION control, I receive the error, "The profile name is not valid.  Enter a valid profile name", and "Microsoft Exchange" is the title of the message box.  If I click OK, I am directed to the Inbox Setup Wizard and asked to select the Information Services that I wish to use with Microsoft Exchange.  If I click CANCEL, I receive the 32003 Run-Time error, "Logon has Failed."

I am using an HPOPENMAIL server and Microsoft Mail, not Exchange.  Any thoughts?
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dfhainesAuthor Commented:
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dfhainesAuthor Commented:
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VB MAPI controls have can only be used with a valid Microsoft Exchange Profile setup, you can not use the profiles setup in different programs.  I ran into this problem when I was running Outlook Express and got the same errors.
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dfhainesAuthor Commented:

I will reopen this question for now...but if you can point to any documentation of your statement I will give you the points.  Also, if what you state is true, might you know of any controls that I could use in place of the standard VB issue MAPI controls?

You say you use Microsoft Mail.  Is this on Windows95?  Is HPOPENMAIL the mail client?  If HP OpenMail is the client that you are usin, I believe you are out of luck with the MAPI Controls unless it "fakes" windows into thinking it is a mapi client.  I've never seen OpenMail, but I've email enabled lots of applications and it works great with the proper e-mail configuration.  Please provide more info about your setup.
  If you are using VB5 with MAPI32, check out the help file with title "MAPISession Control". The note at bottom:
Note   If you attempt to run a program that uses the MAPI controls, make sure that you have the 32-bit MAPI DLLs installed properly or you may not be able to perform simple MAPI functions such as SignOn. For example, on Windows 95, you must install Exchange during the operating system setup, or install it separately from the control panel to correctly use MAPI functions or MAPI custom controls from Visual Basic.
dfhainesAuthor Commented:
Additional Information...
HPOPENMAIL is the server; Microsoft Mail v3.2 is the client.  I have installed 32-bit OPENMAIL DLLs.

This is usually happens when the LogonUI property of the MAPISession control is set to True and the UserName property of the control contains an invalid profile name.

Either set the UserName property of the MAPISession control equal to a profile name that exists on the machine before the SignOn method of the control is called, or leave the UserName property empty.
If the UserName property is empty and the SignOn method is called, a Choose Profile dialog box may appear. This dialog box contains all the profiles currently available.

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Try taking a look at the VBMail Example program.
To find it, go to Help Topics, go to Sample Applications, then Learning Edition and Professional Edition, then VBMail Sample.

Note: The help file also says that Microsoft Exchange is required for it to run.

One other possibility is your OS. If running NT, the sample app doesn't seem to work.

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