Win95 with Matrox Mistyque fails ???

This is the background:
I've got a P-II 266 with an Ethernet PCI network adapter (Slot PCI 1), UW-SCSI Controller (Slot PCI 2) and S3 Virge DX2 AGP video adapter (Slot AGP).  
The PROBLEM is that I want to take the AGP card out and insert a Matrox Mistique in one PCI Slot, but when I do this Windows 95 seems not to respond at intervals of 20 seconds. Every 20 seconds or so you can't do anything nor even moving the mouse. Can anybody help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

P.D. : I'll tell Girona to delete his question because he did it for me.
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spacebrainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
install win95 osr2.5
You have to be more specific as how did you remove the AGP card and plug the PCI in...
What version of Win95?  And what version of Mystique driver are you using?  Is there any conflict under device manager?
In the case of matrox video card, you have to assign a IRQ in the BIOS setup, then it should be ok.

To get there, if it's a clone system press Del when the mem test begin
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the assignment of an IRQ for VGA is only needed to enable full 3D accelleration on a Mystique.
Most BIOS nowadays don't even have that feature anymore...

My guess is win95 doesn't like it when you remove an AGP card, and replace it for a PCI...

have you tried re-installing win95 after switching vga-cards?

kind regards,
Try using 'SCANDISK'.

It's possible that your computer
is trying to "swap" (write to the "swap-file")
and there's an I/O problem at that
physical location on your disk-drive.
Thus, any I/O will be very "slow",
as the I/O error(s) occur.
javiertbAuthor Commented:
I just solved the problem. It wasn't the graphic card but the SCSI controller. Windows had used his own drivers for the SCSI controller card and it seems that these drivers weren't good at all. So, I just downloaded new drivers and that's it. The most extrange thing it's that windows didn't report nothing in the Control Panel (System) about it.

Thanks anyway.
spacebrain (Wednesday, May 27 1998 - 10:05PM PDT) wrote:
> install win95 osr2.5

Out of curiousity, where can this be purchased ?
Isn't this available *ONLY* when purchasing a new PC ?
yes osr2.5 is "only" sold with new pc
but i think that the usb addon is available at
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