sending files to macintosh s/w...

How do I send files to a macintosh s/w without any keyboard manipulation?
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What Macintosh?
Woes does s/w mean?
What files?
From where and how are you sending these files?
What is the keyboard manipulation you talk of?
What is it your trying to do exactly?
hehe my sentiments exactly...
By s/w do you mean stylewriter?
Do you want to print files without opening them ie desktop printing?
Or do you want to print a test page on the stylewriter?
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Pls give more info, what you want to do!
So thats an answer is it?????
"Pls give more info, what you want to do!"
guess you accidentaly clicked the wrong button?
oh well...
I think the harder question would be:

how do I send files to a macintosh s/w without MOUSE manipulation

since you have to use that little mouse for just about everything.  

So, my answer is, use the mouse!
janimAuthor Commented:
We are currently using a software known as PlateSmith.  What we are trying to do is to pass a file to PlateSmith.
How is it possible for us to pass this file without any
keyboard manipulation?  (It's basically how to communicate with the S/W)
uhm...ya kinda have to tell the software what to do this through the keyboard and mouse...thats just the way computers work. i spose if ya THINK at the software REALLY hard it MIGHT do what you want but its not likely.
Does "PlateSmith" have an AppleScript dictionary available?
You can find this out by opening Script Editor and from the File Menu select "Open Dictionary" then choose the "PlateSmith" application if available.
Some applications although not be extensively scriptable but may have the core set of commands such as open etc.
Or could you do what you need to using QuicKeys, (macro software).
There is also "Prefab Player" which is a more powerful macro facility which mimics user activity and is written in a similar way to AppleScript.
My guess is that a combination of AppleScript and Prefab Player would enable you to manipulate files automatically within your "PlateSmith" software.
Read the manual for PlateSmith. Read the help files on your Mac (look for the little yellow question mark). Make us believe that you know that S/W really means "Software" and not "StyleWriter."

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Gormenghast's comments should be followed. Using the scripting methods he proposes will enable you or him to write a droppable application where you just drag and drop your docs (In batches) onto the app, this will then process the files automatically in the way that you want. You should supply the info on PlateSmith that he asks so that he can formulate a REAL answer.
PS We use these techniques ourselves and it really does have far reaching solutions for other automation problems.
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