Get rid of winnt boot option???

I ahd the bright idea of getting rid of winnt while it was installed alongside of win95. I wanted to get rid of winnt so that I could turn my FAT16 file system into FAT32 (to save space) using partition-it. Now to the question.
Partition-it won't let me switch to the new cluster size, and I also want to get rid of boot menu that was installed along with winnt.
(more points will follow)
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rickyrAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 5
NT is probably using NTFS instead of Fat-16. If this is the case..

I would strongly suggest, a format of the HDD.  Once it has been set to NTFS (NT File System) there is is no turning back.  At least reformat the partition. (which I'm also assuming is C:\ and you boot partition had NT on it.

i had the same problem ...

have a look at boot.ini which you should find in the root, i deleted the entries for NT and got rid of it .. hope this helps
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rickyrAuthor Commented:
I wrote...
    >"I wanted to get rid of winnt so that I could turn my FAT16 to FAT32"
so it is not NTFS (Thanks anyway, seychell)...
isysmb re-supply as answer........
Thanx all

rickyr, to get rid of Win NT you need to prepare Win95 bootable
floppy, put on it SYS.COM, FORMAT.COM, FDISK.EXE.
Then boot with it, run command:
which will rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record), then run command
to ensure that boot files are Win95 ones
Then you need Partition Magic. This GREAT program can do the rest
convert FAT16 to FAT32, for example, etc.

Write if you need more.

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busaka is almost correct.  The WinNT installation does not change the master boot record, it is not operating system dependent.  You do not have to run the FDISK /MBR command.  

You will have to create the bootable floppy from Win95. Copy the SYS.COM program from the C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND folder to the floppy.  Boot your machine from the floppy (no viruses please). When the DOS prompt appears the enter:


This will revert the partition back to a Win95 boot configuration.  You can delete the following from your root directory:

NT*.*  (any files that begin with NT in their names)

There may also be a Windows NT folder under the Program Files folder.  It can also be deleted.  By the way, give busaka the points.  He was right, he just added a step that probably wouldn't have hurt anyway.

Have fun,
rickyrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyones input.
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