I'm not sure if this is possible with Delphi, but once I created an own binary file format for a game, that is kinda database with information. Since I want to distribute such file (.OCQ and .DBX) thru my home page, I would like to publish a Plug-In for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and/or Netscape 4.0. Please let me know, if anybody have an idea about how this could be done.

thanx, omsec ;)
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a plugin for IE is quite easy, just create an ActiveX-Control. For a NS plugin, you would have to translate a lot of headers of the NS plugin SDK :-(

omsecAuthor Commented:
yeah, but how would I do that ? Have any sources for me ?
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omsecAuthor Commented:
uhm... these example are in basic and C/C++. I don't have Basic at all, and am not very known to C++. Don't you know of a Delphi - source example ?
Fortunately for you, since NETSCAPE was/is so popular, MS supports their plug ins.
I came across a beautiful component that lets you easily create plug ins for netscape which should work in IE. Go to the delphi super page and look for the word NETSCAPE in all files.

It should be there.

Hope it helps...

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omsecAuthor Commented:
well..thank you..i think this is the right direction..but it would be quite helpfull if you tell me URL of that site :)
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