Problem with MS Grid control

I got the following error when I loaded my VB 5.0 project, which uses the Microsoft Grid Control, which lives at:


Cannot load control grd; license not found.

How can I get this control to load?
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This means that the license for the control, which is a certain key with a certain value nit the Registry, is not present.
The most *practical* solution is re-installing VB5, which is not such a big deal. Of course, you can copy the registry key from another PC with VB installed (I cannot post the key as this is specifically forbidden by the MS license agreement).

*I* would re-install VB5.
edpoorAuthor Commented:
I have un-installed and re-installed VB5, but that didn't work.

A coworker has managed to use grid.ocx successfully. Please explain the process of copying a registry key.

Ed Poor
Well, this won't help you if you un- and re-installed...
What is you OS? Win95 or NT?
You will need to refer to:

This is in Microsoft's Knowledge Base.

The GRID32.OCX was not distributed with VB5.  They have provided backward compatibility directions as well as the valid license info for the Registry.

I have also run into the problem with valid VB5 OCX's after moving from onde development machine to another and found the answer to that problem in KB Article #Q181854 and VBC.EXE.

The following is a snippit from the KB Article #Q177799:

When you try to add a control to a form, the following message may appear:

   License information for this component not found. You do not have
   an appropriate license to use this functionality in the design

When a control is installed for run-time use only (such as those installed by an application created with Visual Basic), if the Visual Basic Development Environment is installed onto the same machine afterwards and the existing control is of equal or higher version than that from the CD, the license key for that control is not updated.

If the control in question is any of the ones listed below, then find the file Vbctrls.reg in the VB5.0\Tools\Controls folder on the Visual Basic CD- ROM and double-click the file:


This will update the design-time licenses for these controls. For more information please, refer to the Readme.txt file in the same folder.
If the control in question is not among the controls listed above, please do the following:

Locate Regsvr32.exe on your machine. Note its path.

Locate the offending OCX file(s), usually found in the Windows\System folder for Windows 95 or Windows\System32 folder for Windows NT.

On the Start menu, click Run.

In the Run dialog box, type the following:

      <Path to RegSvr32>\REGSVR32.EXE /u <Path to OCX>\OCXFILE.OCX
For example:

      C:\Devstudio\VB\REGSVR32.EXE /u C:\Winnt\System32\COMCTL32.OCX
NOTE: If Regsvr32.exe is in the System or System32 folder, the path is optional.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each offending OCX.

On Control Panel, click Add\Remove Programs.

Select Visual Basic, and click Add\Remove.

Click Reinstall when the options (Add\Remove, Remove All, Reinstall) dialog box appears.
If the problem persists, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

      ARTICLE-ID: Q181854
      TITLE     : FILE: Vbc.exe Fixes VB 5.0 Control Installation Problem

Microsoft is researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

Set up a Windows 95 or Windows NT machine, Machine A, without Visual Basic 5.0 installed. Then set up a development machine, Machine B, with Visual Basic 5.0 and Service Pack 3 installed.

On Machine B, create a Standard EXE project. Form1 is created by default.

Add the following component (OCX) to the Toolbox:


Add at least one control from this OCX to Form1.

Compile and save the project.

Create a setup application using the Visual Basic Application Setup Wizard, selecting all default options.

Install the application onto Machine A.

Install Visual Basic 5.0 on Machine A.
Start a Standard EXE project and add Comctl32.ocx to the Toolbox.
Try to add any of the controls from this OCX, and this error message appears:

      License information for this component not found. You do not have an
      appropriate license to use this Functionality in the design

For additional information, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q172193
   TITLE     : INFO: List of VB 4.0 Custom Controls Discontinued in VB 5.0

   ARTICLE-ID: Q181854
   TITLE     : FILE: Vbc.exe Fixes VB 5.0 Control Installation Problem


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edpoorAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Jay. I followed your instructions, and the problem immediately disappeared forever, like a bad dream.

I rate your answer A+.

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