Need Draft Font

I need font that look like draft font when printing in dos. Because it's quite slow when I print my report
from application. Do you have one?
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the_flavaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your Draft font originates in Windows then you may possibly be able to change the 'Draft' Font. Otherwise if the font originates from the printer then you cannot change the Draft font, unless the Printer has other fonts installed! If you require a 'Thinner' Font Give Me your email Address and I will be only to happy to send you some examples!
What Is "Draft Font"? Please Elaborate A Little and perhaps I have what you need!

you mean you need a font for printouts under DOS that looks like your font you use in your application (e.g. a windows app), right ?
What's the font name you use in your app ? (draft seems to be a very general expression)

What printer do you use ? Some printers allow to change "DOS font" coz they have several fonts installed (like HP LaserJet 4M or others)

Let us know !

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nengieAuthor Commented:
I use EPSON 2170i and font name is Arial.
In my opinion, Arial is too thick so I need some fonts that
are very thin and it may print faster.
nengieAuthor Commented:
Thanks the_flava,
my email address is..
Yes, You can print Draft font from Windows 95. All you have to do is choose the
Generic / Text Only driver from the printer drivers, this will print your text on the regular
Draft font from your print, which is very fast compare to Windows fonts.

Note: About doing boxes, you can assign a displayed chracter to be printed like a graphic
character, on the TTY option on the printer settings.

Good lock!

I am using crystal report 8 and I need draft font . Can anybody help me ? .
 I tried installing generic printer but draft did'nt get installed.
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