Fast Get File Modification Time

Giving the path of a file, does anyone know a faster way to get the LastWrite time, than the following ?

// Try with GetFileTime, fast but I think it may fail if file is locked, but I haven't been able to provoke it

TimeFound = 0;
if (h >= 0) {
  if (GetFileTime(h, CreateTime, LastAccess, LastWrite)) {
   TimeFound = 1;

if (!TimeFound) {
  // Get time using FindFirstFile, slow but don't care if file locked.
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That looks like that should work well.  It shouldn't be too slow even when the FindFirstFile needs to be used.  

The "FILE_SHARE_READ or FILE_SHARE_WRITE" should be expressed as "FILE_SHARE_READ || FILE_SHARE_WRITE"  in C or C++, however.
What do you mean by a faster way? One function call or faster speed?

If you are looking for one function call:

On Windows NT 4.0 or later, you can use the GetFileAttributesEx function to get the information.

You can also use FindFirstFile. But you have to use FindClose.

By the way, it should be | instead of ||.
Opps.  Correct a mistake with a mistake.  Yes,


Chensu got me thinking too.  Looking at what you had I was lured into thinking that by opening the file with CreateFile() the OS would not have to search the directory tree and would therefore be faster.  That was stupid on my part.  The OS will still search, only it will do it on the open rather than on the procedure that gets the time.  In addition there is considerable overhead for opening and closing a file.  You are probably best off just using FindFirstFile (and associated procedures) in all cases.
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hustchAuthor Commented:
The or got there because it is actually Delphi code, that I translated because it is not the Delphi forum.
I know I have to use FindClose.

By faster, I mean shorter execution times.

The CreateFile is a lot faster, I don't know why, but I timed it. There is a lot of files in the directory.
The parameters to CreateFile was chosen in an attempt to avoid sharing problems.
I'll try GetFileAttributesEx
There are probably plenty of people here who "speak" delphi, so you ussually shouldn't have to translate.

When you use FindFirstFile(), do you use a path that specifcally indicates the file?  You don't use wildcards and then look fo the file do you?
hustchAuthor Commented:
The GetFileAttirbutesEx is faster than the CreateFile approach.
It is what i wanted when I started, but I can't find using Delphi help, but I found it using MSVC++ help.

chensu, make an answer with GetFileAtttibutesEx, and I will accept it.
On Windows NT 4.0 or later, you can use the GetFileAttributesEx function to get the information.

Thank you.

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