HTML component (NOT Active-X)??

I need an HTML-component that is not Active-X, i.e. it does not need to be installed on the "destination machine".

I'm writing a program that should be "runnable" from a network without installing it on each client machine first.

Also, I had a hard time with the HTTP-component in Delphi. The required DLL's alone are almost one megabyte - I'm trying to write a "small" program!!

Any ideas??  Thanks a lot!
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What about using MS Internet Explorer?  I know you don't want to use ActiveX, but you can make IE an AX control (by importing the type-library if you have Delphi 3) and have it on your Delphi form.  Everybody should have IE on their PC (if they're running Win 95).

a non-ActiveX-HTTP component will not be easy, because the HTML standard is complex and changing rapidly.
For a HTTP-Component I recommend F. Piettes components, freeware available at

To JimBob:
NO, not everybody should have IE....   :-)
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ssite: Well, if M$ gets their way...  ;-)
Ronald112197Author Commented:
Sorry, but IE is not an option.
We know that the users use >75% Netscape and opening IE (or parts of it) along with it would probably require at least 64 MB of RAM (Communicator, IE 4, maybe Word...) for a program of about 500 KB??

d003303: I do have the HTTP-component, but there's nothing that displays HTML.

As far as the "HTML standard [that] is complex and changing rapidly" is concerned:
a) It's changing rapidly?? It hasn't changed a whole lot over the past couple of years (i.e. ages on the Net)
b) complex?

I need this component only to display pages that are on one specific site. I won't need either DHTML or even tables. This is about "flowing" the page, displaying images, background colors, textstyles and links.

I'd appreciate anything that helps me display even a very simple web page...
I thought all along you wanted to work with files. If you want to show an HTML page, there's an excellent component for that. goto

It will help you.

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I was just thinking in a manner of a browser developer. Look what a browser must support today: Display HTML, support frames, support JavaScript, support Java, ...
Regarding HTML 1.0, look how long 1.0 was THE standard, and then look at the version cycles afer 2.0.
If you want to develop that on your own and always be up to date, you'll be busted.

Ronald112197Author Commented:
sorry for the delay, I'm quite busy.
I downloaded the file from and will take a look at it as soon as I can - it costs $129 for commercial use... any cheaper ideas? (the $129 might still be acceptable, but cheaper ideas would be appreciated anyway :-)))
Ronald112197Author Commented:
I've taken a look at it and it seems to be quite good.

Still: any cheaper ideas?
Ronald112197Author Commented:
ok, I guess I can't reject this answer and I also guess I could afford the $129.
Doesn't look like anybody will post cheaper ideas *g*

The component looks quite nice

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