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global CArchive/CFile object

flexsuite asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-20
i need a pair of CFile/CArchive objects that are accessible to all classes in the program in order to log possible errors occured during processing data. any suggestions?
is there a better way around this than declare CFile/CArchive objects as external?
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You could place them both in the applicatoin object. That way you can easily access them from anywere in the application via the AfxGetApp function (after casting the returned CWinApp pointer). Lemme know if you need more detail.


i am developing a win32 dll which does not have a CWinApp object. what shall i do?
Ok. The file objects both live in a DLL. Why couldn't the DLL simply export two functions to retrieve pointers or references to the file objects?


the file is processed inside the dll using buffered output method. the information to be placed in the file is gathered from various objects of different classes and stored in the archive. once the job is finished, the information stored in archive will be serialized into the file object. suggestions?
I guess I'm just not seeing anything too problematic here. What am I missing?

You have a couple of file objects in the DLL. Both of these objects get written to by various objects in the appliction. The application's object accomplishs this by calling exported functions from the DLL. Conversely, the DLL could also wrap this functionality in a C++ class and export the entire class or a set of its member functions for the application's objects to call.


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I just spotted one mistake in my code:
  #ifdef __LOG_H__
should be replaced with
  #ifndef __LOG_H__


I'm glad that you finally got an answer to your question. However, one piece of advice. If you take a little more time to word your questions, next time you will get a much quicker resolution to your problem.

Your question stated...
"is there a better way around this than declare CFile/CArchive objects as external?"

This lead me to believe that your problem had nothing to do with how to log error messages. After reading your question, I thought that you already had that code written. In fact, from the question it looked like the only problem you had dealt with not knowing how make that logging capability available to the DLL's client code which is why I wasted both of our time with answers that in now way dealt with your problem.


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