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HP 7110i CD-R Problems

falcon051997 asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
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Have you switched brands of CD-R media lately?  The types of problems you are describing can be caused by low quality or defective media.


comment to jhance:
I have been using sony brand CD-R's and I have checked somewhere on internet that these are pretty good and have a rating about 1.7, which is same as the ones for HP's own brand and TDK and a few others. Memorex and Maxell are at the bottom with about 3.4 as the score (higher is worse.. and I forget what the number actually signifies.). Frankly, I dont really think it is the CD-R blanks that is causing a problem I do suspect that the new firmware 3.01 may be causing problems. Prior to this I had 1.0. But I am not sure.. i hoped that someone who had and idea would clarify. Thanks for your comment anyway.

The fact that you recently upgraded the CD-R firmware is kind of an important fact.  You didn't mention it in your original question.  I'd guess that you've already answered this yourself.


comment to Jhance: Yeah. I did upgrade recently 3.01.
what does the flashing greenlight indefinitely signify though? I dont understand that. What does the orange light signify? (this one i can guess.. probably laser beam activity.). Anyway, I am looking for a first hand clarification. Right now I can only speculate this or that and not sure about anything. Once I have first hand clarification then may be I have a claim for a replacement. If you know for sure please answer the question so that I can close this.

I really don't know what the flashing green means.  You might want to ask the HP support people or check your owners manual.  I'd assume that it's confused or indicating an error of some kind.

Was the firmware upgrade a flash program?
If so, did the install program save a copy of the original  firmware as a file?
Obviously, the next question:  Can you go back to it?


comment to nmarotta:
It was a flash upgrade. One cannot go back!. I am still trying to
figure out why the system goes into point of no return after about 70 ro 80% burn.

Just FYI:
green still: CD inside and detected
green blink: CD detection in progress
orange still: CD-record operation in progress
orange blink: CD-record test in progress

Further, I found that HP Writer sensitive to media. Good media
was: Fuji, Philips, TDK (partially). Old TDKs were OK, new (Reflex)
were 80%/20% of success/fail. Sony was big grief: from 3 CDs, 2
were coasters.
Now program: I made more coasters with EasyCD Deluxe than with
EasyCD Pro 2.xx (just statistically).

7110 is IDE model or SCSI ?


comment to Busuka: I am very happy to see your comments on this matter. I think you have come closest to answering my question. Anyway, please answer the question so that I can grade and give you the points you deserve.
My system is IDE which is why I can use EasyCd PRO. I am using EZ CD Dlx, ver. 3.01b which is supposed to be the latest. In your opinion, the blinking green light, with orange light gone signifies the fact that, the program is trying to find CD inorder to write but cant find it! Because the media is bad. Is that what you are implying? ALso, I have seen in some surver, that Sony CD-R's are rated on par with TDK, HP, with a rating of 1.7... some other brands had upto 3.4 (maxell for ex.). higher the number, greater the chance for a coaster.

Another question I have for you, should I go ahead and report to HP tech support and get a new CD-RW on the basis of this problem?
Thanks in advance
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Hello Ian,
Glad to see you back!

Hi Ralph !!!

falcon, I made little survey on this issue and came to conclusion
that best CD-R is Yamaha 4260 SCSI. My source was number of
negative articles in Usenet. HP outnumbered them all. Yamaha (this
CD-RW) has least number. After Yamaha was Ricoh 6200 MediaMaster.

Just FYI.


Busuka: Thanks for the INfo. I shall keep that in mind for my next purchase, if ever!.

I bought the cheapest IDE I could find and the only coaster I've made so far was because I interupted the burn.  Go figure that one out!


comment rmarotta: which ide did you buy? Have you tried to burn wav files amounting to about 70-72 min. music on to a sony CD-R? That is when I notice my problems are showing up!

Actually I have!  I made a CD for my daughter with her favorites on it.(19 songs, 662MB)
I have a Memorex CRW-1622, internal, 2x6 re-writable. ($299.00 at CompUsa Direct)
It has NTI software bundled with it and does DAO recording.

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