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Posted on 1998-05-27
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
I have a form that updates a database and I need to send an email message telling me when that database
has been updated.  How do I do it?
Question by:thorner

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What are you using to email with?  Is this over an office LAN using an existing email package (MSMail, Lotus Notes).  If so, what type of mail package are you using?

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ID: 1461818
Assuming VB5...

Make sure you have checked the Microsoft MAPI controls under the Project menu.

Drag both the MAPI Session control and the MAPI Message control to your form.

I named my controls "mapSession" and "mapMessage"

add this to your Form_Load event:

Private Sub Form_Load()
End Sub

add this to your function:

With mapMessage
  .SessionID = mapSession.SessionID
  .RecipDisplayName = "Merritt, Jay"
  .MsgSubject = "Test"
  .MsgNoteText = "IT WORKED " & Chr(13)
  '.AttachmentPathName = "C:\Test.txt"
End With

since your signon is in the form_load, you can send multiple messages without signing on again.

have fun!

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ID: 1461819
Okay, I messed up.  I forgot to say that it is for a VB-CGI application.  It's the usual submit form and all of that good stuff.  Sorry for the mix-up.
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ID: 1461820
I already know how to do the database stuff.

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ID: 1461821
If you are using Microsoft SQL Server you can use xp_SendMail.

I've found it to be very easy.

Otherwise you need to be more specific your e-mail options.

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ID: 1461822
I'm using an Access db with an O'reilly webserver.  I just want a dummy message sent.  The email message doesn't have to be anything special.  Is there perhaps a CGI command you know that will do this with VB?

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ID: 1461823
How do you send mail manually?

What kind of e-mail system do you have?

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ID: 1461824
We use Pegasus mailer.  I don't know if you're familiar with that or not.

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ID: 1461825

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ID: 1461826
You need to use window existing build in program to "link" your database with the existing network or window program. Also you need to use pop-up function from clien/server network. Still confuse? You will get it over.

Accepted Solution

Zak031598 earned 20 total points
ID: 1461827

I found two ways to send mail using the Pegasus system.   The first and probably the
most reliable is to create a tmp file using the following format:

"From:" + strFrom + vbCrLf
"Date:"  Date$ + vbCrLf
"To:" + strName + vbCrLf
"Subject:" strSubject + vbCrLf
vbCrLf + vbCrLf

Then you can mail the file from a shell command using the Pegasus Exe with some
command line params.... I think that it is "WinPMail /f tmpMsg.txt"  I can get back to
you if this isn't correct.  I don't have PMail on this machine so I can't verify it.

The other way is to create the same file in the users PMail directory using a unique filename + .CNM.  The problem with this is that you need access to the PMail
directory.  The advantage to using this (or at least it was for me) is that by appending
to a single file such as DBUPDATE.CNM you will not get flooded with new mail


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